More on the Strand Study Bible

I was Twittered and Facebooked about the Strand Study Bible, so I emailed the pastor, got what I consider a dirty response, followed-up, emailed the pastor directly, twice, and received nothing.

I want to share with you now, especially since it has become an important draw to this blog – and I happen to like sharing the truth or questioning falsehood which sneaketh into-eth the Church-eth – some of the ‘testimonials that I have seen.

  • Does YOUR bible have comprehensive studies on the 6 doctrines every believer should know in order to be a mature Christian? The STRAND STUDY BIBLE does!
  • What good is YOUR version of the bible if you can’t understand it and apply it to your life? The STRAND STUDY BIBLE is the most comprehensive study bible available that will undoubtedly make the scriptures more understandable to you.
  • Does YOUR bible have a comprehensive study on Spiritual Gifts, as well as a Spiritual Gift test that will help you discover your gifts? The STRAND STUDY BIBLE DOES!
  • Does YOUR bible have the complete (exhaustive) chronological order of the Old and New Testaments? The STRAND STUDY BIBLE does! Get yours today – introductory pricing still available. Contact me directly for this special deal.
  • Does your bible have a chronological list of Jesus’ parables and what they mean? The STRAND STUDY BIBLE does!
  • The STRAND STUDY BIBLE is the only bible that has colorful satellite maps integrated into scripture. See where the Garden of Eden was located on a full color satellite image!
  • There are 27 Unique Features in the STRAND STUDY BIBLE, including the Trinity Code System. Everytime God the Father speaks or is referenced to, the text is BLUE. When God the Son speaks or is referenced to, the text is RED. When God the Holy Spiri…t speaks or is referenced to, the text is PURPLE. No other bible out there has this!

The translation used is the KJV – I don’t know why, the Pastor will not return the very nice emails, but they have mad an infomercial for the 99$ study bible.

First, any person who devotes more than the cursory examination of the Scriptures should be commended. I love reading the Fathers, but there is nothing so pure and reading the Scriptures – baring any commentary, examinations, historical inquires – just the plain Scriptures.

Second, any person attempting to do a work for God should be commended.

But, again, I have questions. First, why the KJV?

Second, if this bible does everything that it promises, then, is it inspired and thus beyond questioning? In all honestly, it makes the audacious claims which one would expect from an infomercial. Anyway, watch the video(s) and see what you think. What do you think?

As always, I invite Pastor Strand to participate, freely, uncensored.

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34 Replies to “More on the Strand Study Bible”

  1. Never read the Strand Bible, but bought a new study Bible, It sure does have a different view from the KJV. You have to be careful what you read. It said that David did not kill Goliath but his brother did… lots of difference

  2. The KJV ‘easy to read’. For me, No. I prefer modern English.
    I have an NIV Study Bible and an NIV Life in the Spirit Study Bible. I read them together so I get a broader explanation. The study notes are different in both, there are the Gifts of the Spirit, colour maps, Jesus’ parables and miracles and a lot more.
    They do however lack the blue and purple.
    I suspect it is a little know fact that Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation owns Zondervan, one of the world’s largest publishers of the Bible.

  3. Joel,
    Just another of several KJV Study Bibles. Nothing new here!  For me, the best KJV Study Bible (but with RV, text and Greek notes) is EW Bullinger’s, The Companion Bible, first published in whole in 1922. Though I do not follow the dispensational lines therein, his dispensational ideas are far better than Schofields, and modern dispensationalists. He is at least constant with his own thought. Though it is again, not my choice. The only real choice would be the historical premill position (as to millennianism literal).
    Fr. R.

  4. Since I have been here in the states, I have watched Fox News quite a bit. I guess you Joel & Newtaste, you both don’t like Fox News? Because of the conservative views?  And do you both feel that Fox News is dishonest? I ask as an irishman outside your political lines. Though of course I have my preference myself, but I am not an American.  I can see however that many American conservative Christians are with Fox News. Myself, during your election I just liked MaCain the man, and of course his honor in war and being a prisoner of war. But I know the election was not really based on just that character.  He was constant however. And I believe an Episcopal. But not good enough it seems to carry the bulk of the American conservative Christian vote. Especially with the young people. Again, just observations. It is done, God’s providence is in place!
    Fr. R.

  5. Fox News is on pay TV in Australia, but as I don’t have pay TV, I don’t watch it. I have seen Bill O’Reilly on Letterman and he is certainly no dope.
    With News Corp, I do find it interesting that their New Zealand pay TV service Sky has X-rated movie channels (at extra cost, so restricted), and that their London tabloid newspaper The Sun has topless girls on page 3 – and that News Corp, through HarperCollins, publishes the Bible and the Koran. News Corp’s god would seem to be the god of money.

  6. Yes, I like Bill O’Reilly myself. A R. Catholic layman. Oh yes. money IS the god of so many in the News, TV, and movie culture. But I have seen some rather good and surprising historical movies in the UK. But this is very small.
    Could you tell me what is your appraisal of the Roman Catholic Church in Australia?   I was myself raised irish RC, and spent a small time as a Benedictine monastic (very early 20’s, before the military). So I am actually thankful for certain RC aspects. My boyhood priest was in the order of the Augustinians, and I am certain myself I will see him in heaven! He gave me my first gospel message!  But I am not uncritical of Rome now.
    Fr. R.

  7. Joel,
    Yes old Bill and I are about the same age, and have had some similar RC experences. I respect his thought and thinking on certain subjects. But he is a bit of a hard guy at times…the nature of his job I think, anway.
    Fr. R.

  8. The Catholic Church in Australia has seen a rise in attendance at Mass, even before last years World Youth Day, and the number of men training to be priests is increasing with this years intake being well up on previous years. From what I have seen, parishioners are going for the Catholic traditions. My local suburban parish church is half-full for the 6:30am weekday Mass and full for all Sunday Masses. And there is a decent turn-up for the Tuesday night Novena to the Holy Face, the Wednesday night Exposition, and for the monthly all night vigil (which I am going to this Friday night). I still go to Mass sometimes.
    The Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell is fairly pompous and aloof. As the Archbishop of Melbourne he famously refused Communion to gay and non-gay supporters of the Rainbow Sash movement who wore their rainbow sashes as they went to receive Communion – Pell refused them, blessing them instead. The gays were trying to bait Pell and he reacted exactly how the gays wanted him to. His handling of child sexual abuse within the Church, first as Melbourne head and then as Sydney head, has been atrocious at best. Pell and the Pope met with abuse victims during World Youth Day last year, but the victims who had publicly criticised the Church in the press were not invited.
    World Youth Day was a highlight for the Catholic Church last year (despite some taxpayers being upset that the NSW state government was spending about $120 million on a festival for Catholics). They tried to include other Christian denominations in the week-long events – and it worked. And WYD was good. It was great to see thousands of teenagers up to late 30s having a good time with Jesus and not a drunk in site. The Worship in the City Catholic Service i have been to has similar up-beat feeling.
    Can this last? The crowd at Worship in the City is predominately teenagers and the service is a Hillsong clone. There are very few teenagers at Mass at my local church, despite the large roll-up at WYD last year.
    I don’t think I know the answer. As there has been an increase in those going to Mass at least some people have started going again after not going for some time. And there has been an increase in adult Baptism. But a lot of teenagers are still dropping out.
    Last year, a change was made by Pell that lifted the communion plates, chalice and ciborium to a ‘sacred vessel’ status almost level with the consecrated host. There are now strict rules as to when acolytes can and can’t touch them. This change seems at odds with the Pell-condoned inclusive and non-aloof Worship in the City that is held in the Crypt of his Cathedral.
    Will be interesting to see what happens with ‘Jesus. All About Life’ next month and if the Catholic Church being the largest in Sydney gets the greatest result? (Not that it should matter of course …)

  9. Newtaste,
    Thanks to share about what is happening in Australia with the Roman Catholic Church. I am sure the Roman Church has changed some since my days…Latin Mass, etc. I saw the overlap from Latin to the vernacular, and the end of Vatican II. But my boyhood priest was a real man of God to me…Fr. Sweeny, he always walked the line! He was a humble man of wisdom and grace, but he knew the Holy Scripture and Augustinian Roman theology..RIP! 
    What do “you” think the Roman Church needs most?  Adoration or adjudication (the last if at all?  Just wondered.
    Fr. Robert

  10. You have to understand, Bro. Brad does not claim he knows it all… with the way I am reading these blogs… you guys seemingly attack! And yet commend! < Thanks!?!?

    As to your question # 1: Here is what Bro. Brad has in his study bible….

    The King James Version (KJV), with few exceptions is a remarkable translation for three reasons:

    1: It is probably the only translation in which no parties involved had an axe to grind one had any interest at heart , sav that of producing the best pssible version of the Scriptures. The first eition of the Greek text to be published was that of Desiderius Erasmus. It was printed in the Basle in 1516 and was used by Martin Luther for his German translation. Erasmus also published editions in 1522, 1527, and 1535. Fifteen years later in 1550 Robert Stephens published his edition, known as the " royal edition", which followed the text of the 1527 and 1535 editions of Erasmus. Fifteen years after that in 1565 Theodore Beza published his edtion inGeneva, which followed the text of Stephens. The editios of Erasmus, Stephens, and Beza (particularly that of 1598) were the chief sources used for the translation of the King James Version in 1611.

    2: It is the most beautiful, beloved, and most popular English translation to date

    While it is true that the newer versions of the Bible use " up to date " modern English, it is also true that the newer versions will omit up to forty-five verses in the New Testament, either in the footntes or from the text itself, that are otherwise found in the King James Version.

    3: Is was translated from the Received Text (i.e. textus Receptus)

    Although the KJV was not translated from the "earliest" Greek texts, it was translated from the Majority Text (i.e. the Textus Receptus; the PRESERVED text of God). NOTE: I (Bro. Brad) used the Cambridge Edition of the Textus Receptusfor this work ( Josh 19:2 and Jere 34:16).

    Acts 7:45, Rom 16:25b, 26, Rev. 9:16, Isa 21:8, & 44:8, Lk 3:36, and Mt 7:22

    Heb. 10:39

    Psa 12: 6-7, Mt. 5:18 and Lk. 11: 51

    David Norton, A textual History of the King James Bible

    As to your second question: No, it does not claim nor does the KJV < or it should NOT be considered the infalliable word of GOD! If you WANT the TRUE word of GOD… then get the Greek and Hebrew scrolls…. the thing is… I am not trying to argue, but, do not attack my pastor! < If it was not for a man that takes his time to give himself to GOD on a DAILY basis, I would not be in the fight for the Greatest Christian walk I am trying to do now! I probably would be in Jail or DEAD!

    Bro. Brad does not claim his study bible to be "Inspired"< he will still to this day… if you talk with him… say to you " that he is yet to begun to scratch the surface when it comes to knowing the WORD of GOD < and this is coming from a man that has put in 33,000 hours and 33 years of his life into putting a Study bible together… if you get it… you will see…..

    One last thing: Personal note from me: I love how my pastor continues to this day to instruct not only us his congregation (sheep) to go out there and TELL other about JESUS and HIS saving power (The GOSPEL) Bro. Brad also wants everyone to know who gets the study bible… that the Bible itself …. POINTS to JESUS and what HE did… that from cover to cover…. its all about JESUS….. yes, the Father in Heaven and the Holy Spirit are mentioned…. but…. you have to understand…. Something Eternal had to be GIVEN… so CHRIST gave up His Eternal Being and stepped into FLESH…. though NOW He is in a GLORIFIED body….. He will always remain in that Glorified Body…. He will never be able to go back to His Eternal Being…. < so, the Bible was dedicated to His whole LIFE from beginning to End! < Its about Jesus…. and Him Saving us, from an Eternal Hell! < Let us not argue… but let us come together for ONE purpose…. to Tell others about Jesus… < that is pretty much what Bro. Brad has done this WORK for!!!!!!

    So, do not attack my Pastor anymore! Or I will pray and leave you in God's hands!

    Instead, lets get out there and start telling people about Jesus… and ONE more time; that is the WHOLE reason behind this study bible…. to get people focused on the Eternal Perspective….. People being Saved and knowing Heaven is their home… by way of……

    JESUS CHRIST and HIM alone….. nothing else …. not what we can do…. but what HE did! And continues to do!!!!!!!!!

    In CHRIST Forever,

    1. Richie, why can’t Mr. Strand answer for himself?

      1. On the use of the KJV – it is no longer the most popular English translation. Further, the parties translating it did have an axe to grind, just ask King James. Finally, the Greek text that is used in the KJV is faulty and ‘adds’ verses to the original text. In this, either you or Brad shows that a very faulty knowledge of modern and Reformation-era textual criticism.

      You pastor may not claim that his study bible is inspired, but listen to the message of the commercial. Supposedly, it alone has the answers all of the bible’s question and it alone is transforming lives. And what’s up with ‘if you get…you will see?’

      No one is attacking Brad, just questioning his scholarship, his motivation, and his ego. He is wrong on so many issues, and that’s just from the ones that I have seen courtesy of the website and his own dubiously written letter. You can threaten me with ‘God’s hands’ if you want, but when all the mistruths in the SSB, you might want to worry about that yourself.

  11. If you do not like the Strand Bible, and you have One.
    would you send it to me. for the cost of Shipping?
    I prefer the KJV.
    But I lack Funds to Purchace

    Dave Morrow
    447 Orchard Dr
    Gooding, ID. 83301

      1. you are totally misguided… recent research has shown that the papyrus with the Greek used for the KJV is dated around 66 AD while the Greek papyrus for the later translations that also leave out a lot of words and phrases was actually dated 300 years later … around 366 AD. With that
        knowledge just in of itself, should tell you that the KJV translation is much closer to the “truth” than those documents showing up 300 years later. Check Dr Floyd Nolen Jones as he is the premier
        chronologist of the day, and his work parallels Dr James Ussher, who Dr Jones calls the “prince”
        of all chronologists. Joel seems like a liberal who prefers his own version rather than the true

  12. WOW! I agree with Matthew C. Jones from all the comments I see no real claims to show that the works that’s in this bible are faulty but I feel more personal attacks against this pastor than anything.

  13. I have the Strand Study Bible and have gone over the included study notes. IMHO, this Study Bible does make some very good points and has increased my knowledge/understanding of scripture, even though I do not necessarily agree with everything included in the study notes. I have been through many study bibles (probably 12-15), and most of them had both good and bad points. We should always ask the Holy Spirit to help us discern what we are reading and help us understand what the scriptures truly say/mean.

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