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Doug started a series on the ‘red-lettered heresy’ by many modern Evangelicals.

Peter Kirk has posted his thoughts on this as well. He quotes Don Carson who refers to:

what Tony Campolo now approvingly calls ‘red letter Christians’. These red letter Christians, he says, hold the same theological commitments as do other evangelicals, but they take the words of Jesus especially seriously (they devote themselves to the ‘red letters’ of some foolishly-printed Bibles) and end up being more concerned than are other Christians for the poor, the hungry, and those at war. Oh, rubbish: this is merely one more futile exercise in trying to find a ‘canon within the canon’ to bless my preferred brand of theology. That’s the first of two serious mistakes commonly practised by these red letter Christians.

The other is worse: their actual grasp of what the red letter words of Jesus are actually saying in context far too frequently leaves a great deal to be desired; more particularly, to read the words of Jesus and emphasize them apart from the narrative framework of each of the canonical gospels, in which the plot-line takes the reader to Jesus’s redeeming death and resurrection, not only has the result of down-playing Jesus’s death and resurrection, but regularly fails to see how the red-letter words of Jesus point to and unpack the significance of his impending crosswork.

Using Twitter, Keith Williams from Tyndale announced that the NLT Mosaic will be black-lettered. Maybe he foresaw Doug’s post?

For my part, I have to agree with Doug and Peter, and found myself pretty happy with the idea that the NLT Mosaic will be black-lettered, as I feel that separating  the words of Christ from the rest of the Scripture alienates both.

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  1. I was also heartened by Keith’s note regarding the black-letter text — given that the Mosaic text is using the new center-column reference layout, that may very well be the deciding factor in which new NLT edition I get (since the non-Mosaic reference editions will still be red letter).

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