More on the KJVO Book Burning Craziness (Video)

Let me preface that while I might not like some of the authors/books or even a few of the translations listed, I would not burn them. This is the extent of the hatred that the KJVO mentality produces.



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19 Replies to “More on the KJVO Book Burning Craziness (Video)”

    1. Fr. Stephen,

      They are IFB – not all IFB’s are like this – but many are. But this mentality of the book burning is not limited to Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches. It is very real among many KJVO believers.

  1. No NLT? No problem. NLTs readily available at your local Wal*Mart. Go get you campfire fuel today!

    And which KJV is it only? That thing’s been changed over time quite a bit.

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