More on the Bible Authorship Software

First, interesting enough is the title: Do computers confirm – or deny – the Torah’s divinity?. Then, this article goes a little into the algorithims of the software as well as flirting with the background of a few of the scientists involved:

But you can’t really attribute bias to a computer program – especially not one developed by a team from Bar-Ilan University, several of whom are apparently observant themselves! Belief is, of course, a personal thing, and Jewish tradition itself is aware of outward contradictions of text in the Bible. Large swaths of the Talmud are dedicated to resolving textual problems and contradictions.

I am not Jewish so I don’t hold to the Divinity of the Torah nor do I hold to the Divinity of the Canon as a Christian. Instead, I find that the message of the Text to be central focus on my theology. But, no doubt, many do not feel that way and instead rely upon their own understanding of inerrancy and inspiration to move them beyond the use of Scripture to the Veneration thereof. What if the Torah wasn’t written by Moses? To some, many, that is blasphemy. But why?

Anyway, the article is a good one and one worth looking into.

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