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But a corollary to this idea, and one about which I feel quite viscerally, is that the host country flag has no business being displayed in a sanctuary of the Kingdom of God.  From all I’ve heard and seen, this seems to be a particularly American issue; I don’t recall seeing flags in the churches I’ve visited in most other countries, but in American Evangelical churches it’s almost de rigueur.  And it’s deeply wrong, I believe, primarily because Americans (especially, but not only, conservative Christian Americans) treat the flag rather like an idol (it’s not possible to “desecrate” something that’s not first sacred). (read the rest here)

The author above has a different take. If the Church is the Kingdom of God, then why give such a place to another country’s flag, as if the host country is laying claim to a portion of the Kingdom?

Look at me. Do you think I want to see any flags in the sanctuary?

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2 Replies to “More on Flags in the Sanctuary”

  1. fwiw a Lutheran pastor told me that in the years during (and between) World War 1 and World War II, German immigrants to the U.S. were suspect, and so to show loyalty to the U.S., Lutheran churches started displaying American flags. But I don’t know if they were in the sanctuary.

    I wonder if mosques display flags?

  2. I see nothing wrong with having a flag inside a church on memorial / veteran’s day. In Australia on ANZAC Day, the Australian flag is flown inside Catholic churches, and others, as a mark of respect. It is not flown on any other day.

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