More of Fox News and Guided “News”

Fox News Channel
Fox News Channel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t need to make a habit of reporting every time Fox News plainly tells you it makes a habit of hiding real news from you.

But, it does make for some fun, and quick posts.


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7 Replies to “More of Fox News and Guided “News””

  1. If one understands that most of the 20th century was an inconvenient detour for the Republican Party, then the antics of Fox News becomes easier to understand.

      1. Joel,
        I can think of only two reasons for your statement, either you don’t watch all of the “news” channels consistently as I try to do or you believe that those that support your opinions are by default always right. No matter what your political leaning is one needs to be objective in the extreme before castigating a particular entity. I would suggest that you read carefully John Wesley’s 49th sermon in the “Works of John Wesley” edited by Albert Outler.

        1. Skid,

          An objective view would have answered the position I put forward. Fox News is the only news station to sue the FCC to allow it to “make the news” as it sees fit.

          I do not pretend that CNN or MSNBC does not have bents, but they haven’t yet sued the federal government create the news. Further, objective media watchdogs consistently rate Fox News as the must subjective.

          1. I don’t care for the way the news is handled by any of the news organizations, however, Fox was sued rather than being the suer and they appealed when they lost. If you think any other news organization wouldn’t have done the same I think you are misplacing your trust. I won’t; but one could argue that Fox simply made the mistake of hiring someone that wouldn’t bend to their way of thinking while the others make sure their employees don’t think outside their box. There is much more to be said about this pet peeve of mine but this isn’t the place.

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