More KJVO nonsense

First, let me say that I use the KJV as my primary bible. I will teach from it, preach from it, and read from it always, however for serious Bible study, I have to turn to the Greek.

There is a rancid doctrine out there that says that the KJV is the ONLY BIBLE that is inspired and inerrant. Here is a recent post from a Yahoo! group. See if you can pinpoint any doctrinal foundation for the KJVO teachings in this post.

“I don’t know if anyone else feels the same way as I do, when those that do not hold to the idea that there can only be one true Bible text in English, refer to those who do as a quote, ‘king James Onlyist’.which sends the smell of a kind of cult like group. This label (at least to me) sends a negative message to other Christians, that we are some how not quite right in our thinking and are an uninformed group following some type of Guru or something. I just can not help from feeling insulted by this label. Why can we not frame this to our benefit and correct those that try to demean us with this label, why can we not simply call ourselves what we are, a body of believers that believe that there simply can only be one true “English Holy Bible Text”, and suggest we be called, if anything at all, “Holy Bible Onlyist”, a label that will carry no
negative or demeaning connotation with it, and begin to move away from the private bible label of King James. We all know the work King James had authorized to be done is God’s word in English for all generations.

I think that our side of the issue has again allowed the evil one,(as with calling the King James Bible a version of the English Bible instead of simply the `English Holy Bible’) through the doubters to stick this label on us which is meant to demean us, our cause and lessens our effect in the modern Christian community. It also has the effect of weakening our voice in the arena of debate on this very important issue facing the Church today.

This label has always felt to me as sort of slimy some how. After reading David Emme’s last post were he said: (“I am shedding this coil of King James Onlyism. My beleifs have not changed. I still affirm that the King James is the inerrant word of God.”)

I again felt that negative vibe associated with that label, as I sensed he meant to send to this forum.

If he King James Onlyism label was not accepted and used, he would of had to say `I am shedding this coil of `Holy Bible Onlyism’ which would have condemned him as a heretic, but, because of this label he was able to double talk and in his mind he was evidently not even aware of his contradicting statement, or if he was, he was less than honest in his stated position on the `English Holy Bible’.

Blessings, Clyde”

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