More Hypocrisy from the GOP on the Birth Control issue

The New Hampshire Republicans aren’t exactly known for their sanity… But now they, like others, are being known for their hypocrisy

“This is about ensuring we do not mandate things contrary to people’s moral and religious views,” Bettencourt said.

Nevertheless, New Hampshire has had a law on the books for more than a decade that requires insurance coverage for contraceptive devices and services — and the law has no religious exemptions. It passed with strong bipartisan support, and religious organizations in the state have been complying for years without complaint. The only major difference between the state law and Obama’s rule is that in New Hampshire, women are still responsible for an insurance co-pay.

via New Hampshire Republicans Slam President Obama Birth Control Rule, Ignoring Their Own.

Oh, and I don’t buy the exclusionary clause of the “moral obligations.” That can be near about anything.

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3 Replies to “More Hypocrisy from the GOP on the Birth Control issue”

  1. yes, but if what you say is true, this means a woman in New Hampshire could chose to buy –or not to buy– the rider on her policy. The employer was not required to use their money to do so, which means the religious organization was not required to cooperate with what they traditionally saw as evil.

    Silly me: I thought a person with philosophical training was aware of the distinction.

    Yet did all women chose to pay for the rider? The reason I’m wondering is because as a federal employee, I could chose among several options, and I chose not to pay for these things in my health insurance.

    The Obama option threatens to eliminate freedom of conscience, destroy catholic and other religious institution, and takes this choice from me too.

    And why? To save someone ten bucks a month to pay for her generic birth control pills?

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