More examples of how Gays are Ruining Traditional Marriage

Um, or maybe not… maybe he was  straight dude ruining a gay marriage… I dunno, but however you want to put it, a right-wing, anti-gay, anti-most things, has been busted not only for committing a hit and run, but for walking on the dark side…

According to the bouncer at T.C.’s Show Bar in Montrose, Michael Berry left the club, where he was attending as a patron, at 11:00 PM on January 31. The bouncer, Tuderia Bennett, said Berry drove in reverse for 70 feet, hit Bennett’s car, and drove away. Bennett wrote down the license plate, which was registered to Berry, and identified Berry in a photograph. Security footage of Berry inside the club has been turned over to police. Local station KPRC broke the news.

Homophobic Radio Host Busted at Gay Bar.

Again, it’s not homosexuals who are “ruining” “Traditional” marriage… I mean, look at how we treat marriages…

But, this is also the prime example of self-hate and deflection.

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