More drivel from Urantia

Honestly, I dont know what kinda of drugs these people take:


One significant, revealed truth-fact to reflect upon in struggling with the deep mysteries of the Paradise Trinity, Jesus being fully God to us, Spirit Unity, Distinct Deity Personalities, etc. is:

“Personality and mind-spirit relationships are transmissible” by the Godhead.    (my website)

If you look on my website home page, near the top, right column, you will see an image of Jesus Christ in human form; and above his head you will see three concentric blue circles of the Father and Son and Spirit  projected into the Spirit Personality of Jesus Christ to make Him fully God the Father and God the Son (and with his Holy Spirit Partner) the fullness of God here to us in his Created space-time universe.  Three in Two as One.
A mere human physical body to the Divine-Human Spirit Personality Jesus Christ now would be as a child’s human stick-figure drawn with a pencil on a small scrap of paper to the energy and presence of a string of galaxies in Reality.  God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit could each wear all the millions of galaxies around His or Her Spirit Luminosity form “neck” as an adornment and not feel or be hampered by the nearly infinite mass.  God and the Godhead and all Coordinate Deity Eternal Paradise Beings have no outside and no beyond. Let’s keep that truth-fact in mind also. Stated otherwise, Infinite and Eternal Paradise is spaceless and timeless. So Jesus Christ never ascended back to God on Paradise with a gross physical body.  Physical bodies can not exist in the Infinite energies of Paradise. You can visit there as you as a Spirit of Truth (Jesus)-led soul; and that Spirit-Birth is certainly transforming and more … Paul was taken up into the third heaven and even into Paradise. So was Blaise Pascal, many others. The bodies stay here on earth, and you are 100% in body here and 100% as soul in Paradise-God here. The Reality of God in Jesus is at hand. Amen !

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21 Replies to “More drivel from Urantia”

  1. Are you really that ignorant, Joel, or do you think it’s classy being unable to write the title of a book correctly?
    And are you wagering Geoff’s knowledge because you have none of your own?

  2. I’d say your lack of knowledge is the problem. And you have no self-respect, Joel; big difference. Otherwise you wouldn’t be dissing the religious beliefs of others. You’re a Bible fetishist, right? Where did Jesus say disparage the religion of others?

    1. What religion? It’s like saying I should respect, as a religion, people who pretend that the Jedi Knights are actually a church.

      Jesus disparaged false practices. I don’t think what you guys have even count as that. It’s sorta like Scientology but without the coolness

  3. Well I guess you can talk out your ass all day, Joel, it doesn’t mean anything you say is true, or that your opinions are even supported by any facts. It just makes you another ignorant Bible fetishist.

    And for the record, you have no way of knowing what I have. Stop pretending you do.

    But as for Jesus— you didn’t answer the question. Where did he say it was okay for YOU to disparage the religion of others?

  4. I think the “vulgarity” is all yours— your ugly disparagement on twitter, referring to The Urantia Book as the “urethra book”— the duct that conveys urine and semen out of the body— and “the arthea [sic] book.” Is that a typo, or did you just make up the word “arthea” to avoid having to write Urantia, Joel?

    Seriously— is that your idea of how to conduct yourself as a follower of Jesus? Or are you just vulgar on twitter, and police the language of others here?

    Or is that just your pretensive threat to prevent me from continuing to ask you to answer the question: Where did he say it was okay for YOU to disparage the religion of others?

    You give *real* Christians a bad name, Joel. You don’t really know Jesus, or follow his teachings, or you would be behaving differently.

    Our Father looks into our hearts and judges by our inner longings and our sincere intentions, remember? So you may want to revisit the passage where Jesus warned people like you:

    “In the great day of the kingdom judgment, many will say to me, ‘Did we not prophesy in your name and by your name do many wonderful works?’ But I will be compelled to say to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me you who are false teachers.’ “

    1. My blog. I don’t like the use of profane language.

      Your system of believe is worthless. You will get no respect from me.

      You can say as you will, because, no doubt, you have everything already laid out for you.

      And? Quote as you may, but you do not know the Real Christ.

  5. Wow.
    I’m gonna invite myself to your crow-eating dinner, Joel.
    That is, of course, if you actually make it to the next world.

    Good luck.

  6. That’s right, Joel. Love wins. Not ridicule. Not derision. Love.

    That’s why the falsehoods you keep manufacturing about Urantians here— “alien race or whatever”— and on twitter— “go worship your little creatures from venus”— are particularly offensive to real Christians, and Jesus.

    You simply can’t hide your ignorance behind made-up nonsense, from people who know God, and from God himself. He sees you attacking his children— how do think he likes it? I’m thinking like this: ‘I never knew you; depart from me. . .”

    1. call you out for your silliness is not offensive to real Christians or Jesus. What you have is a false set of ideas created by a man in the what, the 20’s or 30’s? (sorry, i’m missing Tobin’s Pocket Guide to Americanity).

      Read John 1. The uretha people aren’t God’s spiritual according to John 1. And no, your little book counts no more than Twilight does in regards to discerning God and the proper worship of him.

  7. That a boy, Joel, double down. . . But it’s your silliness, not mine.

    The curse of the ignorant is, they’re ignorant of their ignorance.

    Be careful out there, Joel.

  8. T P K,

    Jesus quite readily disparaged false religion, using terms that were quite offensive for his day. The Apostle Paul wished that some pervertors of Christian faith (a sect similar to Jesusonians) would “castrate themselves”.

    But anyway, just what specifically “dont I know”?
    I know the history of theology, I know hermeneutics, I know Sadler faked the FER, I know the FER is full of scientific and theological errors from the late 1800’s-early 1900’s, and I know that anyone in their right mind should just reject it out of hand.

  9. Hey Geoff. For starters, you don’t “know” what you don’t know, and you don’t “know” what you think you “know.”

    Specifically, you don’t “know” Sadler “faked” the FER. But if you’re a little sharper than Joel, who thinks he knows what the FER is without reading it, (I’ll bet his dog ate a lot of his homework, too) then perhaps you also realize you can’t “know” the personal experience of anyone but yourself. Reading or skimming Gardner’s hatchet job on the UB doesn’t qualify you as knowing anything about Sadler’s personal experience, but if you believed it and didn’t bother to read the UB for yourself, then you’re worse of than friend Joel.

    I’m betting it’s the latter since you make comments like this: “I know the FER is full of scientific and theological errors from the late 1800′s-early 1900′s.” In short, that’s BS Geoff, as anyone who actually reads the Urantia Papers without prejudice knows it’s BS.

    Since you don’t provide any evidence for your opinion about the supposed disparaging remarks made by Jesus, I won’t comment other than to speculate that whatever quotes you might produce to prove such a contention would almost invariably be the opinion of some biblical editor. And Paul was not Jesus; I don’t care about his personal peccadillos.

    I’ve been reading and studying the Urantia Papers over forty years. I’m in my right mind, and I know it. And I’ve heard all the excuses various people use to avoid dealing with the FER head on, in addition to the ones I tried to use myself early on. Your theological arrogance alone puts you in that category. If I’m wrong about your arrogance, then nothing should prevent you from reading the book with an open mind, instead of dismissing the people who understand it as mere drug users. But then, that is your problem.

    Look. Discussions with arrogant “Christians” like Joel quickly devolve to pearls-before-swine scenarios. I rarely take the time to get that far any more. Suffice it to say, that in a few short decades, people like you, who think they “know” the FER was “faked,” will get a chance to explain that notion before a fair and merciful hearing; what you call divine judgment. Spiritual beings charged with that task will indeed “know” if your ignorance here was willful, or not. And you will get the answers you seek, and the judgment you deserve. Count on it.

    And good luck with that. I’m done here.

  10. TPK,

    I havent read all of the FER, but I have read large sections of it, and I am regularly quoted large sections of it to “prove” it’s accuracy. I also havent read Gardner, nor do I know who he is.

    I dont “know” (as in, I can not prove 100%) that Sadler faked the FER, but if he did not, then he was deceived by some other person (or group), and that would make it worse, not better.

    I’m betting it’s the latter since you make comments like this: “I know the FER is full of scientific and theological errors from the late 1800′s-early 1900′s.” In short, that’s BS Geoff, as anyone who actually reads the Urantia Papers without prejudice knows it’s BS.

    1. It is impossible to read anything without prejudice, this is one of the basics of interpretive method taught at seminaries. The goal is to recognise your own prejudices and attempt to nullify them.
    2. Anyone who DOES read the FER without recognising these errors is either biased or an idiot. Well, perhaps not an idiot, the FER and it’s teachers purposely obfuscate the truth making it near impossible to even understand what they are on about half the time.
    3. I’ve given evidence. My previous post on this blog on Urantia has some… this is merely a continuation of that discussion.
    4. You might be in your right mind, that does not mean you are right, and capable of determining truth, and I would suspect that after 40 years of brain washing, it would take a miracle from God to change your mind.
    5. I deal with the FER head on almost on a daily basis. The problem is, it has no authority. The bible does. Throw it at me.. as much as you like.. the Bible stands on its own and defeats the FER as sole arbiter of truth about God.
    6. I look forward to judgement, I have been saved from it, and I know the truth. I have nothing to fear or hide.

    However, it says in the Bible that those who mislead God’s children… well… it would be better if they hung a giant rock around their necks and dived in the deepest ocean than face God. I know that’s not me..

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