Monsanto – Another reason to get money out of politics

Never heard of Monsanto?

The Center for Food Safety listed 112 lawsuits by Monsanto against farmers for claims of seed patent violations. The Center for Food Safety’s analyst stated that many innocent farmers settle with Monsanto because they cannot afford a time consuming lawsuit. Monsanto is frequently described by farmers as “Gestapo” and “Mafia” both because of these lawsuits and because of the questionable means they use to collect evidence of patent infringement.

Monsanto is responsible for more than 50 United States Environmental Protection AgencySuperfund sites, attempts to clean up Monsanto Chemical’s formerly uncontrolled hazardous waste sites.

As of May 2008, Monsanto is currently engaged in a campaign to prohibit dairies which do not inject their cows with artificial bovine growth hormone from advertising this fact on their milk cartons.When the Federal Trade Commission did not side with Monsanto on this issue, the company started lobbying state lawmakers to implement a similar ban. Pennsylvania Agriculture Secretary Dennis Wolfe attempted to prohibit dairies from using labels stating that their milk does not contain artificial bovine growth hormone, but public outcry led Governor Edward Rendell to step in and reverse his secretary’s position, stating: “The public has a right to complete information about how the milk they buy is produced.”

In 2011, Monsanto was named “Worst Company of 2011” by environmental organization Natural Society for their controversial seed varieties and the reported environmental consequence.   (here)

But, what does that have to do with our Government?



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