Missing the Point and Over-reaching on Spinoza’s Deism

What is the issue with all of this? Why bring this up? Simply this one thing: Spinoza will probably not be labeled with any simple label, but he held to a deistic sort of theology. Now look at your books that tell you that portions of Scripture are Ancient Near Eastern myth, that other portions are so tainted by human failures that they cannot possibly be true, that there are so many historical errors that we cannot accept the Scripture as historically sound, then ask yourselves what the difference is between the things Spinoza said and the things that you read today. Ask yourself about the fundamental presuppositions that lead to these statements. Ask yourself if they are similar.

Thoughts on Spinoza’s Theologico-Political Tract | Pastoral Musings.

First, Spinoza was reacting strongly against the Calvinism and antisemitism of his day. He had to remove the bible from the sacred throne to allow himself to save his people and indeed, political authority.

Jason is simply wrong on comparing the very real evidence of pointing to Genesis 1 as ANE, or pointing to sections of Deuteronomy as pre-Hebrew, Semitic, discourses as saying that Scripture thus being shown to be anything but special revelation. I note that Scripture itself never claims to be special revelation, and to identify it is simply a traditional model grown long after the Canon was assembled. Denying the use of ANE myth, or other contextual situations, as a means of telling God’s story about God’s covenant creates a logical problem in that if God is not allowed to use human imagination to tell a story, then we must assume that God would not be allowed to use human words (which, by the way, have meanings often derived from their context, history, and etymological usage) or perhaps, humans themselves.

But, there is no historical way to prove the inspiration of Scripture, or the wonders described in them. There is no historical way to prove the Resurrection, or Pentecost either. That is where faith and history separate. That is where theology is created.

I affirm the inspiration of Scripture, which is God breathing through human weaknesses to reach us. But, the only special revelation is still Jesus Christ.

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