Mike asks a question; Rodney gives the answer

Mike asks,

Why in the world is it a strength for a translation to be made within the Tyndale & KJV stream of tradition???

Rodney sorta answers here.

Mike, it’s because people think that the King James is the measurement of the Bible Translation. It helps in marketing them, and easing new translations into the minds of the people.

For me, its just silly.

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38 Replies to “Mike asks a question; Rodney gives the answer”

    1. From that I understand, the KJV-1611 came with the Ten Commandments, like a two for one deal.

      (note, this is only alluding to the people who believe that the KJV-1611 predates creation itself, because some people do.

  1. We better be careful or else Gail Riplinger will write a book refuting us and Peter Ruckman will speak ill of us in a “sermon”.

    And on a side not watch out for R.K. he is a closet kjvo guy. He just came out as a presby not that long ago. (He would secretly dunk babies in his basement.)

    JK got nothing but love for R.K.

  2. Talk about jumping the shark we have sure digressed. CPR= Catholic Proselytizing Services it is a little known group pushing for a return to Rome.

  3. This is getting to be a boring leitmotif. People are getting downright tribal about their favorite translation. If your treasured favorite translation helps illumine God’s Word, wonderful. If it doesn’t, find a translation that resonates with your reading level and subjective tastes.

    I give the entire “translation turf wars” a five-yawn rating.

    1. Booo….hisss…..if the NLT was good enough for Thomas and the lesser known apostles, then it is good enough for me. We shall take your flag and bury it!

      1. I’d be promoting the NLT, too, if I was getting the hefty royalties you are, Joel.

        Any Bible publishers interested in me passionately promoting a particular translation? I CAN be bought!


        1. 🙂

          Sam, if you would like, you could contact the ESV minions, those dire Calvinists, and ask for a promotional copy. I will be glad to let you review it on this blog, here. Yep, right here.

  4. Since I’m one of those dire Calvinists, I don’t have to ask for an ESV. Already have several. But it’s not my tribal badge. In God’s kind providence, He’s provided a wealth of good English translations.

    Simply put, I don’t have a dog in this hunt. I suppose if I had a reason to endorse any translation, it would be the HCSB. A close relative of mine works for LIfeway.

    1. Sam, I’ll host any review or promotion that you want to post on. I really don’t mind. I like the NLT (no royalties… 🙁 ) but I try to promote the word of God.

      Seriously, if you want to write a post, short, long or other wise about the ESV or the HCSB, I’d be glad to post it for you.

      1. I’ll respectfully decline, Joel. I’ve expressed some subjective preferences about Bible translations in the past, but I’m not qualified for a scholarly analysis. My undergraduate degree is from Auburn University, so if you have any questions about animal husbandry . . .


    2. And you still claim him as a relative?!? When I ran in Baptist circles we referred to lifeway as liberal way. I suppose the HCSB is a decent enough Bible, I just have an issue with its reason for creation: To stop paying royalties on the NIV. A guy on the translation team when asked even said as much when they did a presentation at Criswell. Merki can back me up on that he was there.

      1. He ain’t heavy. He’s my brother. And prez of Lifeway. I guess I claim him.

        I’m staying out of the SBC internecine squabbles. Happy w/ the PCA.


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