the methodists think little of John Wesley

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3 Replies to “the methodists think little of John Wesley”

  1. Clearly, the next GC must do nothing else than return our episcopacy, agents, and properties to the jurisdiction of Canterbury where they rightfully belong. This divisive party called the UMC has caused too much harm to the body with its schism. We must have unity.
    (I know it’s hard nowadays to delineate satire or sarcasm from straight commentary. I offer no help on this one)

    1. Might as well return all the way to the first split. With all their problems, the idea of Catholic celibacy for priests and nuns might not be so bad after all.

      I watched some of the GC on the internet broadcast last time around. Much like watching the Republican or Democrat conventions. Or Fox News and MSNBC (or almost as bad, CNN). The left has adopted the “resist” mentality, and if not satisfied, they may start throwing bricks (as in Berkeley). The right is too busy fighting among themselves to accomplish anything.

      So my approach, watch cartoons. At least no one is hurt when roadrunner sends coyote over the cliff.

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