Trailer for New #UMC movie… Star Wars, maybe you’ve heard of it

For a time, Vader was a Calvinist but soon same back to the Force

See, I can post this because Star Wars is essentially a Methodist invention.

Only can exchange information. And the test of how accurate the information is will be whether we all die or not. If we all die, then it wasn’t the right information. I would rather see us be a positive force in the universe than a cancer. We have the knowledge to be either one. That, in essence, is what “Star Wars” is about. We are both good and evil, and we have a choice.

Well, now he’s sort of a Methodist like they have in the West. (Sorry, Gary)

I was raised Methodist. Now let’s say I’m spiritual. It’s Marin County . We’re all Buddhists up here


…the San Joaquin Valley put its stamp firmly on both Lucas and his films. Without the white upper-middle-class Methodist values he absorbed during his upbringing in this most complacent and righteous of regions, the Star Wars films, the Indiana Jones series, even the more eccentric THX1138, let alone American Graffiti, would have been very different. Indeed, they might not have existed at all, since Lucas, unlike the directors who joined him in building the New Hollywood in the sixties and seventies, is anything but a natural film-maker. Nothing in his character fits him to make films. The process irritates and bores him… It is easy to forget that Lucas, for all his fame and influence, has only directed four feature films in almost thirty year. Repeatedly he’s handed the job to others, supervising from the solitude of his home, controlling the shooting by proxy, as Hollywood studio producers of the forties did.

Oh, and there is something of Wesley in the Star Wars…

For all his later embrace of Eastern mysticism, there remained in Lucas more than a little of the Methodist.

I am a bigger fan of Star Trek — and you can’t really compare the two given their focuses. My son does love Star Wars so I guess, as a good United Methodist and father I have to go and see this movie.

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6 Replies to “Trailer for New #UMC movie… Star Wars, maybe you’ve heard of it”

  1. Someone once said they saw Star Trek as an allegory for how Methodists wish the world was (with all the churches coming together into some kind of ecumenical federation built on democratic polity and celebration of diversity) while Star Wars is world the Methodist actually lives in (where he’s part of a shrinking order of moderate Christians in a world gone crazy with more of his colleagues falling to the dark side everyday).

  2. “Well, now he’s sort of a Methodist like they have in the West. (Sorry, Gary)”…
    Back at you.
    As I remember a storyteller (Willy Caflin’s Maynard Moose) once said, “A story has to have a moral, otherwise it is just mindless entertainment!”
    (Star Wars, Star Trek, Josephus, Bible, Methodist Preacher, Buddhist Monk).

  3. “I was raised Methodist. Now let’s say I’m spiritual. It’s Marin County [California, a very liberal area]. We’re all Buddhists up here”.
    See, if Methodists were allowed to drink wine, Lucas would probably still be Methodist!

  4. This seems to be appropriate for Star Wars, as well as preachers or biblical scholars who exceed their time limit on sermons or presentations.

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