Methodism in “Introduction to the History of Christianity” (@inkling, @fortresspress)

If you are familiar with what this is, it is a book produced by Fortress Press for the Inkling online platform. The book I am reviewing, Introduction to the History of Christianity, can be found here. As United Methodist, standing in the Wesleyan tradition, I always like to see how books relate the history here. Some recent introductions and church histories have simply glossed over the people called Methodists in favor of the Reformed. I am please to see such a fine presentation of Wesley and his followers.

I can read it on my Mac, but I really prefer the iPad since it is my tool of choice in reading the various platforms. One thing that I really like about having it on the iPad is that I can download only the chapter I need. So, if I am giving a lecture, talk or otherwise, I need not worry about space, etc… I can simply find the chapter I want and have it alone on my iPad. I’ve attached some photos of what is going on and they just happen to be a snippet of how Tim Dowley (the editor) has chosen to represent Methodism.

And it is awesome.


The knowledge/question box is interactive. You press the little button to reveal/hide the answer


This is an image from my Mac – simply because as I write this post, I wanted to check out more about Wesley. This is part of the testing feature found in the Inkling version:

inkling test methodism

Correctly, they note the rise of Methodism as the rise of (proper) evangelicalism. They connect it to the social issues of the time, citing how Methodism was related to abolitionism. But more than that, John Wesley is presented as the man scholars know he was. Further, they properly note the Moravian influence upon his life. Finally, they note the continued influence of Methodism on Christianity in the West.

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