Methinks thou doth protest too much; and against yourself!

There are rampant protests all over the world and commonly they are against Israel. It all happens because of the current events of the Middle East, which one must be living under a rock if, of which, he is still unaware.

A protest, however, is not legitimate when the people fostering, conducting, influencing, and reporting on the protest are the very reason, the very cause, for the events against which they are protesting.

Arabs who are Palestinian haters, Muslims, supporters of Hamas and the destruction of the Nation of Israel are the very cause as to why Israel takes extreme measures to continue to survive as a Nation. To quote Golda Meir: “when the Arabs start loving their children more than the hate the Jews, then there may be peace”. It is clearly a demonstration of the evil of humanity when the cause of the evil protests against that evil he caused as if he blameless. The reports in the major press outlets all over the world, are, on the part of the press, the dissemination of evil and the enabling of those who refuse to receive peace while their enemy is still breathing and functioning as a free nation.

The cycle of violence will continue indefinitely until Hamas and their counterparts decide that it is okay for Israel to exist, and Israel realizes that Palestinians have a full right, unconditional right, to statehood and land, and Arabs, yes, Arabs, and Muslims stop fostering a war between two ethnic groups they hate. If you do not know that many Arabs want to see the end of the Palestinian people, you do not know much!

So, there it is! One does not have to take sides or elaborate too much on the millennial old reasons for this war; one only needs to take a good look at the perpetrators… Once the perpetrators assuage their hatred, war in that area may be something that we will not hear very often. The protesters shown in the international press are often protesting against themselves as enablers of this war!

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3 Replies to “Methinks thou doth protest too much; and against yourself!”

  1. CNN report as of today:
    “At least 788 people have been killed and more than 5,000 wounded since the start of an Israeli operation on Gaza…
    An Israeli military representative said Thursday that the violence has killed 32 soldiers and three civilians.”

    Oh my gosh, reminds me of Vietnam. As long as the ratio of body bags of us versus them was at least 10:1, everything was coming up roses. No reason to protest.

  2. One problem for Israel in this conflict is the schoolyard bully factor. While Gaza occupies about twice the geographical area of the District (of Washington), Israel is approximately the size of New Jersey. Thus, the more Israel beats up on Gaza, the more looks like a David and Goliath confrontation with Goliath winning. If this keeps up, sooner somebody’s going to suggest it’s time to take the bully to the woodshed!

    To make matters worse for Israel, it’s more difficult to hide all the dead bodies in an era of electronic photography and instant transmission. These days, virtually any doofus with a cell phone can become a news photographer. Darkrooms and access to wirephoto equipment are no longer required. For the first time in recent human history, amateurs are recording the first draft of that history.

    The impact of easily facilitated photography is multiplied by 24-hour news and smart phone technology. Consequently, Israel can win the battle on the ground and lose the war for public opinion. The latter has concerned Israel since at least 2012.

    Forget baseball, blaming the media is the real national sport in America! For almost as long as I can remember, conservatives have blamed the supposedly liberal media – despite the fact the the vast majority of news organizations in the United States are owned by corporations with a profit motive. They’re in it to reward stockholders with handsome returns on their investment.

    To make money, news organizations have to simultaneously attract an audience and sell advertising. Most of the purchases, howbeit indirectly in political ads, are made by corporations – also in it for the money.

    Of course, an alternative to the above would be to nationalize the media. With Washington in charge, media content could be more tightly controlled. (Anyone for that idea? Oh, come on; don’t be bashful. You know you’d love socialized media.)

    Coming out of Vietnam, the military blamed television news from bringing the Tet Offensive into America’s living rooms every evening. As a result, when the United States went into Iraq, media access was tightly controlled and still managed to lose the country to the enemy!

    In the end, blaming the media becomes a convenient way of avoiding looking at the face staring back from the proverbial mirror.

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