Meme: The ‘If God Had a Theme Song It Would Be…’

Jim West has created another Meme

The Rules are simple –

1- Pick what you think is a good ‘theme song’ for God.
2- Post your audio or video on your blog.
3- Tag 3 people (for obvious reasons- and if you don’t understand why, don’t participate).

My choice?

Considering that I don’t listen to secular music of any stripe, it is difficult for me to pick one which is not commonly thought of. I like this one, but not sure it summarizes my view of God, since for me, the Church takes the place of the woman in the song, and thus the song becomes more about the Church than God. Yes, I see Justice when I picture God.

I like this one as well, which symbolizes the struggle for justice against pure evil, often won only by bloodshed. I know the history of the song (about ]]), so it helps to feel in the gaps.

It is, for me, a song about rebellion against the order of the world, a call to maintain the fight, and the story of a sacrifice but one in which the sacrifice remains to guide on, to lead, to encourage. It’s not ‘gospel’ but I suspect that the meme is not about that…

I tag Rodney, Stuart, and Bitsy… (because I think I get the three remark)

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