Megachurch Pastor Jim Garlow endorses Newt Gingrich


This bothers me, a lot. This is the same Rev. Garlow who endorsed Glen Beckm by the way… Anyway, when pastors begin to expend their capital to publicly endorse candidates, we enter into a dangerous path. Issues, yes, but not candidates…

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3 Replies to “Megachurch Pastor Jim Garlow endorses Newt Gingrich”

  1. I suppose this pastor takes the tax allowance for religious housing? Why am I paying more taxes to support his ability to endorse a presidential candidate? (The same goes for churches that endorse presidential candidates–if they want to do so, they should pay taxes, just like me, so the playing field is level.)

  2. I wonder also whether Newt gives (tax-exempt) money to Garlow’s church, because if Garlow’s adultery of the gospel on behalf of mean-spirited politics changes the vote of any member of his congregation, there’s an issue over the fact that the rest of the candidates (unlike Gingrich) have to pay taxes on all their campaign advertisements.

    I’m assuming Newt’s people paid for this particular video in full – if not, there should be IRS ‘hell’ to pay for Garlow. But even aside from the video, if we can assume Garlow is spewing this whoredom from the pulpit, it may be time to require his congregation to pay income taxes on at least a portion of the money they give to his mega-church. Because if we don’t stop it somewhere, we face a future where sophisticated politicians will be swarming the less intelligent churches for tax-free advertisement (that new ‘church income’ source is likely to corrupt the pulpit further).

  3. Jim Garlow and Newt were both co-chairs of the right wing “Renewing American Leadership”, who also boasts of having people in it like David Barton. A quick check of the “ReAL” website now has Garlow as the chair. I guess Newt gave up his co-chair when he started his campaign. But their relationship is close. I can’t figure out why a Wesleyan church is so political. Although Garlow’s Skyline Wesleyan Church is in San Diego, which is a hotbed of right wing politics…..We even have the Creation Museum (El Cajon). And Tim Lahaye use to be the minister of a church in El Cajon, now dominated by David Jeremiah. Proof that the San Andreas fault will dump southern California into the ocean (after Newt, his wife, Garlow, Barton, and Lahaye are all raptured, of course).

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