Maybe Rodney’s right – End the Prez

A little while ago, Rodney posted his thoughts on ending the American system of Representative Government and adopting the British system.

Therefore, I say we work to end the executive branch (as we know it), and work towards a parliamentary system with a prime minister.

End the Prez: Why the USA should have a Multi-Party system & Prime Minister | Political Jesus.

I say that the first thing we do is to give the President the power to dissolve Congress when they fail to work for the American people.

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52 Replies to “Maybe Rodney’s right – End the Prez”

  1. Not just Britain: Canada and lots of other countries have the parliamentary system.

    If you ask us nicely, we’ll let you guys have it too.

    Then you can also adopt Centigrade, metres (spelled correctly, of course), crisps instead of chips, chips instead of freedom fries, and start putting petrol in your cars.

    We’ll have you civilised in no time!

  2. I don’t agree. Our founding father’s were very familiar with the British system and PURPOSEFULLY left out the parts of the system they were against. While they didn’t want a theocracy, they DID attempt to build a country with God in the forefront. It has changed a lot sincde then. They were also 100% against income tax.

    1. They didn’t want God in the forefront. Many of the were little more than deists.

      Further, the Parliamentary system was yet unrefined. Second, the reason the Constitution was given the ability to change was because the Founders knew, unlike we today who think the opposite, that they weren’t perfect. Finally, the many of the Founders were 100% for slavery.

    2. “Our founding father’s were very familiar with the British system and PURPOSEFULLY left out the parts of the system they were against.”

      That was their second mistake (after rebelling in the first place).!

          1. And ask us British people nicely. The Queen has to take our Parliament’s advice on such matters. I’m not sure we would all want you back…

  3. Read your history..the Southern states were the ones to enslave blacks,the south was predominantly non-Christian land owners, and they fought long and hard to keep slavery in. There were more blacks in the south than white people (5-1), and they were stomping the North in votes, so they said that only 5 black votes equl one white vote in the southern states. Every Northern State made slavery illegal the first year as a republic (except Delaware, they did it the next year). The Indians was ONE president, (Andrew Jackson) and it was NEVER a Federal mandate with all the Indian Mandates (because the Fed was never supposed to be involved in state affairs!) Same with Women’s sufferage. NY, NJ and PA allowed women’s sufferage, but that had to be married or something like that (or own their own horse!) was the only stipulation. These affairs you mentioned were never National, they were state affairs only!

    1. Wow…. Your history is screwed up. First, every colony had slavery… and as a matter of fact, had the 13th amendment not been passed, New Jersey would have had slavery until the 1870’s, due to the way that they emancipated their slavery.

      Further, the South was predominantly Christian, and the more so than the Yankee, godless, North.

      Also, every ship that left a Southern harbor was Yankee owned. Why? Because they loved the slave trade which is why their was serious consideration for New York City to join the South during the War. But, during the Constitutional Convention, it was the Northern colonies who actually put in the slavery trade into the Constitution, while the South wanted the slave trade stopped.

      Your myth about the North freeing their slaves in 1776/1789 (I don’t know what you mean by “the first year”) is false. In census records of 1840, both New York and PA listed slaves in their records. But, let us not forget either that Ohio and the mid-west (west for them) states had a “shoot the black person you see that you don’t know on sight” order, which gave way to open support, the Copperheads, of the Southern cause, during the War.

      The Native Americans had been treated terribly since the arrival of the first white man to the North America. The genocidal push which we gave them, from small pox blankets to the trail of tears to using their siding with the South to void their treaties and push them unto reservations didn’t happen under just one president. Even Washington sent in U.S. Troops to kill them. Oh, and as for scalping? yeah, the white man invented it. Not the red man.

      And yeah, it was a Federal mandate. Read the Constitution. It gave Congress the power to do what it wanted to over “Indian Affairs” and it did as well. It was one of the first federal departments.

      Women’s suffrage was originally on a State-by-State basis, but that changed with the 19th amendment. But, before that, I think you need to reexamine your history on who allowed women’s suffrage and when.

      Anthony, your history is very, very, very messed up.

      1. “The Native Americans had been treated terribly since the arrival of the first white man to the North America. The genocidal push which we gave them, from small pox blankets to the trail of tears to using their siding with the South to void their treaties and push them unto reservations didn’t happen under just one president.”….Very well said. I think this should be repeaterd many times to Tea Party types that like to quote from “history”. Even the patriotic real Tea Party participants dressed up like Native Americans in their dumping of tea over the side. In their patriotic move against taxes, they symbolicly dress as a people they end up exterminating, for the benefit of profit (land, commerce, etc). Ironic. The past’s Native Americans, are today’s poor under the social justice attack from the Tea Party.

    2. Wow!

      So many inaccuracies, so little time.

      #1, there were slaves in the north. Slavery was still in Maryland even during the Civil War, bro. Thus, Lincoln had to lay the smack down on MD.

      #2, ummmm Native Americans were oppressed by only 1 president, really? Their mistreatment goes back way before the constitution.

      #3, on women, ummm natioanally, women were oppressed. i dont know whose textbooks youre reading.

  4. Ok, I agree with the metric system. I don’t think there is any problem with the way our congress is acting. I think it’s appropriate to have heated arguments over important things. I recall seeing some fists flying in Parliment as well. The world is not ending. I think this debt discussion needs to happen and it is much preferred now when we have choices as opposed to later as in the case of Greece.

    1. I wanted a heated debate, but both sides are not even really having a debate. The GOP is talking in this corner and the Dems in another. Both sides are so bound to their respective entitlements that there is no real up for moving forward. The GOP has defense, and the Dems believe that SSI and Medicare are not to be touched. Both positions are equally self-serving.

  5. By the way, “comprise ” can be a dangerous thing. Compromise is what has taken place between both parties the past generation as they traded off our children’s future to buy allegiance today.

  6. Maybe you’re all right. In March I had just finished reading about 80 books on the founding fathers for a book I was writing. I read 45 memoirs of the original signers of the declaration and constitution and read much of the writings of John Adams, John Quincy Adams and most of Benjamin Rush’s books. Every signer but 2 were confirmed deists. If you say they were deists, then they lied in their own writings.. So maybe my knowledge only went up to 1820. What the intent of the framers and what the actual outcome was was obviously different

    1. Ant, just because someone is a professing Christian and even an ordained minister, that doesn’t mean they are not deists. Indeed very many professing evangelical Christians today are in fact “Bible deists”, meaning that they do not believe that God acts in any way in the world today.

      1. Preach it, Peter.

        Confession – When I forget that the Bible speaks about Powers…. I cross the line at times. And then, I’m back

        Of course, the Christian Deistists of the Founders’ Day were a different animal.

    2. Ant, you need to research what ‘ordained ministers’ meant during that time. Adams was little more than a Christian deitist. Washington was. Jefferson, Franklin. Many others including Madison, Hamilton and John Jay. John Quincy Adams was not a founding father.

  7. I know JQA wasn’t but Lincoln was his protegé. He wasn’t able to get Congress to make slavery illegal, so he befriended Lincoln and taught him scripture. How do you know Washington was a deist? His books and personal writings say otherwise

    1. Um…. what? Adams taught Lincoln? And Scripture at that? hardly, especially considering Lincolns view on Scripture. Also, you have to remember, Lincoln wasn’t really about ending slavery. And you seem to imply that the national push towards it was a Christian endeavor.

      Washington was plainly a deist. Note that he didn’t take Communion and was rarely in Church after the start of the Revolution. Just because someone mentions Providence and the rare use of God doesn’t make that man a Christian.

      BTW, Adams was a unitarian… or, as many used that term… a deitist.

      From experience, you are reading nothing more than Christian revisionism and their writings through your own Christianity. This distorts their views and is insincere in the search of the Truth.

  8. JQA wanted to end slavery, but not getting the votes. Lincoln was a congressman for one term, and he became JQA’s proyege, and JQA taught the youn licoln the evils of slavery thru scripture…

          1. And it remains that there is no documented evidence that in two years of serving together that Adams had taken Lincoln under his wing.

  9. And congress represents the people. It doesn’t matter if the president wants anything, it’s up to the elected congress, which is supposed to represent us, so if the majority of congress wanted slavery, that’s becasue the people wanted slavery. Congress is supposed to represent our wants

    1. um…. no. We are not a democracy. We are a Republic, founded on the rule of law. The President is an equal branch of government, elected by the people in their States. Congress doesn’t represent the people, only the people in their districts. Your library is feeding you some really, really, really bad history.

  10. I have to rethink all this. When I’m not focusing on Christ Jesus 100%, I focus on other things like politics. I found a 10 DVD series at my library in Februarty and it brought up all these things. It has a website too:
    I had never before heard about ti, but I then got all the references from the library. I took out over 100 books. I didn;t read all of them but I read thru most of them in a 3 month time. I was going to compile all the data I got into a book but it was a huge undertaking. So I didn’t. I am not a fundamentalist even though it may have seemed that I was.

    1. As I told Rodney earlier, I suspected that you were getting you history from wall builders, an organization known for blatantly lying about American History. David Barton is a joke

    2. Wallbuilders is a fundamentalist group.

      Sorry son!

      Actually, not sorry, just feel really bad for you.

      I knew all your so called “research” was hogwash to begin with.

      And nice playing the “Im so holy card”; not like thats a fundy move anyhow.

  11. “Just because someone mentions Providence and the rare use of God doesn’t make that man a Christian.”

    Quite so. Remember, Richard Dawkins sings Christmas carols and reads the KJV aloud!

    Some of your Foundies seem to have been “cultural Christians” in a similar way to Dawkins today.

    1. Indeed, many were deists, which I have maintained. The idea of character, for the Founders’ generation, was a public display, which required, at times, different things such as public display of religion.

  12. Anyone here read Mark Noll’s book on the American Civil War? Just wonderin’ . . .

    Might be a good one for Antsy to try . . .

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