Maybe if Rupert Murdoch was a Methodist, we wouldn’t have Fox News

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Instead, Rick Warren claims him, his wife is a Catholic, and he is a Papal Knight of the Order of St. Gregory. Yet, he says,

Asked if there is any truth to recent press describing his newfound piety, Murdoch replies: “No. They say I’m a born again Christian and a Catholic convert and so on. I’m certainly a practicing Christian, I go to church quite a bit but not every Sunday and I tend to go to Catholic church — because my wife is Catholic, I have not formally converted. And I get increasingly disenchanted with the C of E or Episcopalians as they call themselves here. But no, I’m not intensely religious as I’m sometimes described.” Interviewed in 1992. Nicholas Coleridge, Paper Tigers (1993), p. 487.

Granted, Bush and Limbaugh are both Methodists, but…

Also, check out this post.


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4 Replies to “Maybe if Rupert Murdoch was a Methodist, we wouldn’t have Fox News”

  1. His then, now ex, wife Anna Torv was a Catholic. They divorced in 1999. Has he gone to church since he married Wendi Deng?

  2. The News Corp controlled Sky Deutschland, Sky Italia, and Sky New Zealand all broadcast hard core porn channels. An active distributor of pornography who is making no attempt to stop, claims Christian beliefs? What are his current beliefs? That interview was before he got into x-rated porn.

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