Maybe Alabama Sen. Shadrack McGill is right?

Of course, he thinks that this only really applies to teachers…

“It’s a Biblical principle. If you double a teacher’s pay scale, you’ll attract people who aren’t called to teach. To go and raise someone’s child for eight hours a day, or many people’s children for eight hours a day, requires a calling. It better be a calling in your life. I know I wouldn’t want to do it, OK?”

For him, then, paying teachers good money is unbiblical because you would get people who were just in it for the money. Yet… in 2007 he voted for a 67% pay raise for politicians, namely himself.

“That played into the corruption, guys, big time,” he said. “You had your higher-ranking legislators that were connected with the lobbyists making up in the millions of dollars. They weren’t worried about that $30,000 paid salary they were getting,” McGill said, adding that lawmakers have to pay for their expenses out of pocket.

McGill said that by paying legislators more, they’re less susceptible to taking bribes. (here)

I think that if we are to really put McGill’s theories to the test, we should cut all pay to the state-wide elected officials… that way we can see who actually wants to do what God called them to do.

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