Maurice Casey – Most proponents are extraordinarily incompetent

He is speaking about mythicists, but over all, I suspect the book is something that nearly everyone should read.

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]] is fed up. The emeritus professor of New Testament language and literature at Britain’s University of Nottingham—a scholar, that is, of the only sources we have for the life and times of Jesus Christ—knows that history is not done in his field like it is in any other. The stakes, and the passions, are simply too high, when those who study the central figure in Western history place him along a spectrum that ranges from God incarnate to mythic creation. What truly disturbs Casey, however, is the way the once vast middle ground in historical Jesus studies is being squeezed, just as it is in many aspects of the increasingly intense faceoff between religion and secularism in modern society.A resurgence of conservative scholarship on one side, including historians (like Paul Johnson) who accept what Casey considers unbelievable miracles detailed in untrustworthy sources, and revisionism that stretches to outright denial of Jesus’s existence on the other, have led him to pen his own take, Jesus of Nazareth: An Independent Historian’s Account of His Life and Teaching. It’s less a full-blown biography than a vigorous defence of historical methodology—of the moral necessity of applying the same historical standards to the study of Jesus as we apply to, say, Julius Caesar. Casey’s magnum opus offers, for those who accept his reasoning, an impressive array of facts about Jesus Christ, and a slashing attack on almost everyone to the left or right of him.

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Some, referenced above, actually believe that they can take on Casey… I laugh, heartily at that.

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5 Replies to “Maurice Casey – Most proponents are extraordinarily incompetent”

  1. yes, he’s a good man is Brian. And he got that right: the passions are too high, so high they are blinded by them and make up all sort of unusual things sometimes likening people to vampires, not that they think that’s at all a particularly silly thing to do… and they make up stories about people emailing them and saying things they didn’t and gosh I think they even convince themselves it’s true. Passion … such a dreadful thing. Passionate love of course is something else, but passionate hate is vile.

  2. Hey Joel – what happened to “Peter’s” comment – the “Professor’s” who claims he could write a book about the inaccuracies of Brian Bethune’s article. Really? Brian is a journalist, it was written in journalistic style. It was based on an interview of an author who has produced argument and evidence… but I think it’s quite clear that it is “Peter” who has made some extraordinary assumptions about secular authors, and how they attack Christian belief based on his “personal experience” and perhaps he should actually make the effort and read the book for himself to discover what its author regards as worthy historical evidence and what his arguments and reasons are, before making any further inaccurate assumptions.

    1. I assume, Steph that Peter retracted his comments as it isn’t showing up. And, someone instead, hiding his name (most likely Peter himself) has instead posted a link.

  3. oh I see one now. Bit silly really, don’t you think. Almost a little bit like the anti religious history deniers. If he’s such an ‘academic’ with ‘academic’ expectations of a journalistic article, why doesn’t he read the book for himself instead of making extraordinary assumptions. Happy Christmas by the way and have a beautiful time with your family. Funny – they say happy Christmas here and we do at home too, despite being mainly secular, biblically illiterate, agnostically atheist souls – we really don’t care. I find Happy ‘holidays’ trite. It ain’t the holiday holidays anyway, it is the Christian holidays geeeeeez. 😉

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