Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Choo

Another excerpt from the Choo Thomas’ guided tour of Heaven.

“ ‘My daughter, you are an End-Times prophetess,’ the Lord told me, ‘and you are living proof of My Word and My prophecies.’ ” … “He wants me to serve as living proof of the Bible and His prophecies, because many people do not believe what they read in the Bible, nor do they believe He is coming soon for His people.” … “Every word in this book is true. The words of Jesus have been transcribed exactly as He said them to me.” … “Like John, I had been called to write, and my mission was the same as his – to let people know that the marriage supper of the Lamb has already been prepared, and blessed are those who are invited to be there on the last day.”
Choo Thomas, Heaven is so real.

Ah, Choo.

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