Mary as the Supreme Example of Discipleship

There has been some discussion about Mary on this blog lately, so I wanted to chime in on how I might would see her. I do not venerate her, but she is blessed. I do think that she was it the supreme example of a disciple that we see in Scripture,

The Virgin Mary has always been proposed to the faithful by the Church as an example to be imitated, not precisely in the type of life she led, and much less for the socio-cultural background in which she lived and which today scarcely exists anywhere. She is held up as an example to the faithful rather for the way in which, in her own particular life, she fully and responsibly accepted the will of God (cf. Lk. 1:38), because she heard the word of God and acted on it, and because charity and a spirit of service were the driving force of her actions. She is worthy of imitation because she was the first and the most perfect of Christ’s disciples. – Paul VI, Marialis Cultus 1974

We are told to be disciples, and yet, more often than not, we are Peter, not Mary, on our way to trying to be Paul. But if we step back and see, faithfully, as the discipleship of Mary, we find a profound love of God, a lack of hesitation in serving Him, and someone whom we should imitate.

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2 Replies to “Mary as the Supreme Example of Discipleship”

  1. Joel, you are right. The fear of Mariolotry has deprived many a Protestant of the benefit of her discipleship.

    One of the most succinct and profound statements in all of Scripture is John 2:5. What did Mary observe and experience during the first thirty years of His life that one she’d asked His help, and after He’d complained about her asking, and before He said or did anything else, she would turn to the servants and say, “Whatever He says to you, do it.”?

    I take it that she expected Him to say something that the servants would think strange, but that would lead to a wonderful outcome. How could she know this except by experience? I think there are a year of sermons in those seven words she spoke.

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