Marv, I hope Jim gives you a Dilly – A fundamentalist’s view of Historical Criticism

By far, this is the among the stupidist view of historical criticism that I’ve read.

“Mary had a little lamb”

All of us are familiar with this line from childhood. Many may recall seeing pictures of a little girl with a prancing pet lamb at her feet. You may not be able to hear these word, even now, without that mental image in your mind. As charming as the iconic scene may be, this is simply not what the poem is about.

Th poem was first published in Boston in 1830. It is essential, then, to understand that it is an ancient New England (ANE) text, and needs to be interpreted in that milieu. The ANE world was not in the least interested in the activities of small children, and social interaction with livestock was not at all their concern. Rather the focus of the age was on health and hygiene. The now-familiar Graham cracker was invented in this era as a health food, for example.

Thanks to Jason for calling attention to this garbage.

Granted, Marv hasn’t blogged since last year sometime (Update: Jason says he is blogging), and we can all be thankful for that, but retreating to Theologica still allows him a place to spout his silliness.

So many things wrong with in. First, he takes as an example a cultural situation very relative to ours. It was New England, 181 years ago. Now granted, this has stopped David Barton and his ilk from failing to understand what the people of the time, well, the time just before that one, actually were talking about about. One should actually understand what higher criticism actually is before they start to attempt to make satire.

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13 Replies to “Marv, I hope Jim gives you a Dilly – A fundamentalist’s view of Historical Criticism”

    1. yeah, he does. I’ve ran into him before and he not only seems it this way, but has invented a giant conspiracy theory called ‘the game’ to explain all of it

      1. “The Game?”
        Is that on his old blog? He’s running one about tongues called “To Be Continued” and one “Genesis in July.” Haven’t truly followed any of them.
        What’s his idea about “The Game?”

  1. Wow, Jason, you really DO care. Lovely to touch base with you again. Glad to hear you have indeed enrolled in sem. Maybe one of your classes will cover satire. That’s kind of a genre-thingy. Of course I do understand that the historical background and cultural milieu, the sitz im Leben (I recommend adding a little baking soda) and all that. Sure. But you know, Joel, what may be used legitimately may also be used illegitimately as nothing more than sophistry. And Lawdamercy, there’s a lot of it out there. You probably didn’t catch my Monty Python reference there, I betcha.

    I know you’re not one to let facts get in the way, but I don’t have a conspiracy theory called “the Game.” Pretty decent movie though, I thought. I do have a concept in which I suggest distinguishing sociopolitical movements and such as “game” or “cheat.” Game is good though. It refers in brief to balanced and sustainable systems. Cheat is an expedient that may help in one way but has a long term cost and comes back and bites you in the assets. One easy example is living within one’s means: game. Over reliance on credit would be a cheat. Eating a balanced diet is game. Fast food is cheat. Now I love me some fries, don’t get me wrong. But REAL food is an important part of a balanced diet. I do think that ignoring good bodily maintenance is game and over reliance on meds to pick up the pieces is cheat. Wish I could really live up to that understanding–but I did mention fries. But you know what I mean, apparently. Sorry if that doesn’t sound Fox Mulder-ish enougrh for you.

    Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to say the word Fox. Prolly makes you think of conspiracy theories of your own, eh what?

    Nice chatting, Joel. Don’t be a stranger. Happy to have you reading my pitiful little drivel. Don’t worry if you you finish it all, I’ll make more…

  2. Joel I haven’t visited your blog in about a year since you sold your soul for blog rankings. I’m sad to see that you’ve become so full of yourself you now feel justified to attack people when they didn’t even mention you. The internet needs more bullies like you. Good job! I’m sure you’ll be rewarded for it.

    1. said the person who said that they would write a review for a book if they won, won the book, and never did it, refusing to answer emails and uses anonymous names on the internet to attack Jim West… #justsayin

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