Martin Hengel on the Historical Reliability of the Gospels

Even John?


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8 Replies to “Martin Hengel on the Historical Reliability of the Gospels”

  1. Hengel thinks of John's Gospel as being John the Elder's edition of material from John the Disciple – so I guess it would thereby be rooted in experience of the historical Jesus

    1. In this video, Hengel specifically refers to John the apostle being the author of John’s gospel. I support this idea, as does Craig Blomberg in his excellent treatment ‘The Historical Reliability of John’s Gospel’ ISBN-13: 978-0830826858.
      PS my website is NOT an academic site, so don’t go looking there for this stuff, it’s just a simple devotional site!

  2. Hengel's main book on the topic is “The Johannine Question”. Hengel's ideas on John have especially been carried on by his student Jorg Frey (unfortunately, mainly in German).

    Richard Bauckham's “The Beloved Disciple” is dedicated to Hengel, and seeks to push his ideas in a slightly different direction.

  3. Can anyone please direct me to OPPONENTS of this historical view ? I accept the historicity of the gospels myself, but wish to explore the opposing viewpoints for my research. Blomberg claims they are sparse. Thanks.

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