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Chris asked me a question about this line in a book:

Clearly, from Mark’s vantage point, the ministry of Jesus cannot be understood apart from the cross, which casts its shadow back across the whole Gospel (here)

I think Mark’s vantage point doesn’t necessarily begin with the Cross. I think we can look at two places. First, it either begins with the Resurrection or it begins with the Destruction of the Temple (chapter 13). I saw this for two reasons. First, the Resurrection is God’s answer to being placed on trial during the passion of Jesus. Second, the truth of Jesus wasn’t realized until the destruction of the Temple. This is when the Gentile mission started. Chris has my book, a book in which I discuss this portion of course.

So, what is Mark’s vantage point? I would say it has to be the destruction of the Temple. If the autobiographical footnotes in the Gospel (by that, I mean Mark’s method of self-identification) are any hint, Mark is writing after the destruction of the Temple, after having experienced the Resurrection (we might think), but it was the former more than the latter signaling Mark’s new take on the message of Jesus.

Matthew, on the other hand, has the vantage point of the Cross, since this is where the dead are raised and the such. It is all about where the new world begins.

But, this is my answer (for now). What sayeth ye?

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