Mark Driscoll just called John Calvin a sissy @pastormark

John Calvin
John Calvin, a real girlie-man

Umm… well… you see… Mark noted the robes wore by Church leaders in Britain (vestments too, but I suspect that he doesn’t know the difference) wore dresses like girls, and that this was an issue of why the Church in England is failing. Oddly, the so-called neo-Calvinist pastor doesn’t understand his own faith tradition…

Odd? I’m sorry, I meant “As usual.”

From here:

Clergy robes mark clergy who do not have a doctorate degree or who do not choose to wear their doctoral robes. Even though most clergy have a masters degree, clergy robes are a modified form of the baccalaureate robe, probably because contemporary masters robes have an odd appearance. Clergy robes are nearly identical to judicial robes, except that clergy robes often have a sort of built-in stole; a wide stripe running down both sides of the zipper in the front, often with decorated with Christian symbols.

Unlike vestments, robes are not worn by lay leaders. The original purpose of the robe was to indicate that the wearer had the authority of academic credentials. John Calvin started the tradition of wearing academic robes in church. He was not able to wear vestments because he was not ordained clergy, but he did have an academic law degree. For that reason, clergy robes are most common in churches that are in the Reformed tradition, such as Presbyterian churches, and in other groups with Calvinist roots, such as Baptists. Choir robes are nearly universal.

Then see here and here… oh, and about the Geneva gown or the robes worn by the High Priest and on and on and on…

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