#ManOfSteel #MOS: Superman Liberates Us From Empire!

Conservatives have argued that Man Of Steel is about a white Gentile Jesus we can accept, and that the most important relationship is between Clark and his two Dads! I beg to differ on both counts. There is an anti-Empire message in this movie. Part 2 of my series is up!

The Trial of Superman
The Trial of Superman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Take a looksie!:


Man Of Steel: What I Loved About It

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One Reply to “#ManOfSteel #MOS: Superman Liberates Us From Empire!”

  1. Interestingly enough, the notoriously psychopathic Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin considered himself a man of steel. In fact, because a loose translation of his family name can be translated into the name for that metal, he sometimes used “Steel” as his pen name.
    More interestingly, given the biblical prohibitions set forth in Deuteronomy 22:11 and Leviticus 19:19, it becomes tantalizing to speculate whether purists among the Bronze Age Hebrews would have approved of steel. After all, chemically speaking, steel is a corruption of iron created by adding impurities. Then, bronze is also a metallic amalgam.

    Meanwhile, I’m wondering if the fictional Man of Steel could save America from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This secretive trade deal has the potential of subverting traditional values and practices in ways few American might think possible. Then, given that Superman was sold into corporate slavery by his Depression Era creators, he might wholeheartedly approve of TPP.

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