Love them all let God sort them out

This will be short, not overly sweet and blunt. While so many of us are busy debating who will go to hell and who will not, a decision that is far above our pay grade incidentally, we all to often ignore the fact that across the world and in our own nation, there are so many who think they are already living there. In Ferguson, our religious leaders are all to often (not always and not mine thankfully) taking sides instead of healing wounds. In Iraq the calls for prayer are followed by calls for further violence. The uproar over bringing sick Americans home for treatment of a deadly disease. We ignore Sudan, Mexican drug cartel killings, rampant gang violence in Chicago and so much more…I have this really revolutionary idea…let’s forget trying to figure out who is on their way to hell (judgement is real and God  will see to it, not us) and start actually helping those already living there.

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2 Replies to “Love them all let God sort them out”

  1. Excellent word! As i said the other day on Facebook: We have hardly come to the point of understanding God’s love and now we dare to have a crack at God’s wrath? It doesn’t make any sense does it?
    Anyway, I believe that certain texts in the Bible are there for a reason beyond what traditions teach: When Jesus spoke to a dead person it is not there just to record a miracle, but to indicate to us who believe that Christ is capable of speaking to dead people… So, I don’t know when Christ is going to manifest Himself to save one of His elect and since it is not hard for Him to speak to the dead I know that no elect of God will go unsaved, (BTW that’s my comfort about aborted babies – note that I am a Calvinist). What I do know is that we are supposed to love everyone, including our enemies, since God did not equip us with an “electometer” whereby we can tell for certain who are the elect and who is going to heaven or who is not! God will sort it all out in the end, and who knows, since He is no constrained to time, after the end, and believing this is perhaps the greatest proof of one’s trust in Him!

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