Louis Farrakhan mixes Islam with Scientology

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Haven’t heard of this before …

Minister Farrakhan discussed the damaged minds and spirits of the members of the human family living in a world dripping with sin. Each day, being surrounded by pain, upset and abuse has rendered many powerless to change their conditions, and the Minister discussed the interaction between the Nation of Islam and the Church of Scientology, saying that he found something in the study of L. Ron Hubbard’s technology of auditing that he believed could be of use to the Nation of Islam to prepare better servants and saviours of the people by helping to clear up their minds and lives.

Close to 700 members of the Nation of Islam have become Certified Hubbard Dianetics Auditors and auditing sessions are held in many mosques and study groups across America.

The Minister brought to the stage Student Captain Oliver Muhammad, his wife Sister Deidre and their two daughters from Atlanta, Georgia, to share their testimonies regarding the healing technology of auditing. Sister Deidre shared a harrowing tale of having been raped and through auditing conducted by her oldest daughter—also a certified auditor, she has been able to overcome pain she carried with her for years.

Reverend Alfreddie Johnson of the World Literacy Crusade and the Church of Scientology has worked closely with the National of Islam as many members have journeyed into the study of Dianetics. http://www.finalcall.com/artman/publish/National_News_2/article_7872.shtml

It is reported by groups such as Anonymous http://www.whyweprotest.net/ that auditing as done by Scientology is brainwashing of the worst kind. Having read about and seen reports about Scientology, and having suffered sexual abuse myself, I’m prepared to say that Scientology brainwashing is not an appropriate treatment for sexual assault and sexual abuse. Counselling and proper psychological care is the appropriate treatment.

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One Reply to “Louis Farrakhan mixes Islam with Scientology”

  1. a little Background…the Rev Alfreddie Johnson is a prominent SCIENTOLOGIST and not really a baptist minister.
    Alfreddie Johnson has run several front groups for Scientology, like the World Literacy Crusade which pushes Scientology Study Tech.
    Alfreddie is not a Minister in any church…
    Alfreddie has been recruiting key members of the Nation of Islam since 2005 or sooner.

    The Nation of Islam is not only having 700 ministers training with Dianetics,a few have joined Scientology staff.
    The NOI is also using other Scientology programs like Study Tech and Applied Scholastics and their Anti-Drug campaigns
    According to Louis Farrakhan they are also implementing Scientology Administration and Management Tech into their organization,

    the ultimate goal is to use Scientology brainwashing to
    recruit new members.

    the Head of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights
    (CCHR) a Scientology watchdog front group (rabid anti-psychiatry group) Ms Jan Eastgate was arrested and charged with covering up a sexual assault in Australia

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