Louie Giglio is not John the Baptist

J.D. Greear has joined other conservative evangelicals in going over and beyond human logic and suggesting Louie Giglio is the epitome of American Christian persecution. No, he was not thrown in jail for his beliefs, nor was he told not to pray, and neither was he killed. No, he was simply disinvited from praying at the upcoming presidential inauguration because of suggesting the positive value of so-called gay therapy. Russell Moore has gone so far as to suggest the establishment of a new state religion, one of homosexuality. Greear says that the spirit behind the beheading of John the Baptist is at play in this situation.

Giglio, wrong or right, is not being persecuted. Instead, he is being disinvited from praying at one public event. No wait, from leading prayer, on a political platform, for a show. I just don’t get this persecution complex enveloping American evangelicalism, not to mention the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States. Guess what? The United States was never and will never be a Christian nation.

Also, what if a pro-inclusive minister was disinvited by a conservative President? I guess that would be okay…

Or if a Catholic was not allowed to pray… that would be okay too. Because, that was the order of the day for a very long time in this country.

Conservatives have a short memory, don’t they?

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One Reply to “Louie Giglio is not John the Baptist”

  1. “Also, what if a pro-inclusive minister was disinvited by a conservative President? I guess that would be okay”

    My answer would be no if he was invited

    I can’t really speak for the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States but I think their main concern at the moment is conscience rights

    I certaintly agree this is not persecution like John the Baptist , however being a tad Hyperbolic to make a point is common device.

    My two cents is this is was very unfortunate for many reasons. The same folks behind this were behind the ( well I can’t use persecution or bullying because Rachel Evans objects) let say aggressive action by some elements of the left and LGBT movement against Jim Wallis in 2011 that he better get with the program or else about affirming certain things. Whatever the word we can use in the place of bullies on the left and right they are indeed a problem

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