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logos 5

This is the first in a series of reviews for Logos 5. I am grateful to Logos Bible Software for gifting me  an upgrade to Logos 5 Platinum for review. I have been a Logos user for 6 or so years now and without exaggeration I would use it daily and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for Bible study software. In my opinion it is simply the best on the market. Whether you are a PC or Mac user you will not regret your investment. But be warned, building your Logos Library can be addictive!

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Logos 5

It’s quicker, sharper and a whole lot more functional. Logos 5 is the must have electronic resource for studying the scriptures. Whether it is in depth study of the original languages or regular at home personal Bible Study, Logos 5 will lead you into the word and then help you explore it with thousands of resources just a click away.

Logos 4 was a very good product and to be honest I was a little surprised to see that they had released a new version so quickly. At first I was sceptical about the need for an upgrade however, because I like the product and by in large I am brand loyal I upgraded. At first the changes seemed cosmetic but as soon as I began to use Logos 5 I could see this was more than bit of plastic surgery. A lot of thought has gone into how information is connected and what information is important to the user. The jump from Version 3 to 4 was massive. So much so it required a whole new platform. The jump from 4 to 5 is more of a step. Like an athlete they’ve shaved a few things off here and there to make it perform better. You’ll notice it searches faster, starts faster and does lots more little things better. For me it is the little things that matter.

For a full list of new features you can visit Logos HERE.  For now here is what I’ve enjoyed about Logos 5:

Time line:  This is a great new feature. For Bible nerds like me it is the electronic equivalent of those massive bible charts the old-school visiting preacher would bring to church to explain biblical and Christian history. However, it is more than just a chart. Click on any of the historical markers and it takes you to resources that address that topic! So long as you have resources you can jump from Bible text, to Bible chart, to dictionaries and other resources.

Timeline 2

The second new feature I have grown quite fond of is the sermon starter guide. Each Tuesday I punch in the text for the coming Sunday and in seconds most of the heavy lifting is done. Logos 5 even provides you with sermon outlines! In seconds my Logos 5 research assistant collects all of my resources and provides me with a list or resources. It outline themes, commentaries, categories, illustrations and Dictionary articles relating to my theme or text. Logos 4 did this to some extent with Passage Guide and Exegesis Guide however, the sermon starter is aimed at the sermon and not just study. This is an example of how Logos 5 has evolved with the customer and their needs in mind.

Sermon Starter Guide 1

Finally, Bible facts is another great tool. For instance, while I am reading Luke 19 in anyone of the numerous Bible translations I own, a little icons appear as part text. For instance, when someone is speaking sometimes it is hard to know who might be saying what. Logos have tagged every speech in the Bible with an icon that when you click on it tells you who is talking.  It is a small but useful tool.

With all the great new features of Logos 5 there is one major flaw (sorry guys) and that is the notes feature! I have heard so many people complain about the poor notes feature in Logos. It doesn’t even come with a spell checker. Why logos, why? I get around this by taking notes in Word but it means I have to switch back and forth. Once notes are in Logos they become searchable and link between resources etc. I just wish they had more functionality (spell checker is a basic feature that is required in my opinion).

I’d be interested in hearing from people about what they’ve liked or disliked about logos 5 and if you don’t use Bible Software what would you like in a package? (To comment on this part you’ll have to visit my blog at www.theparsonspatch.com

In my next post I will look at the benefits of a digital Library. A contentious subject among book lovers around the world!

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