Looking inside @logos’s Greek New Testament Discourse Bundle

I’ve had this for a while and I am finding now the time the really dig in. Expect a review in the coming weeks. Between now and then, tho, I want to highlight some scenes/features of Steven Runge’s work. The first few pictures will be from the iPad 3 app while the last picture is from the Macbook Pro. Yes, I am a boaster.

One of the most important concepts in this series is that choice implies meaning. You see phrases thrown around throughout several of the volumes in this series. This is an important concept in developing the discourse concept.




Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 2.31.20 PM/a>

You can order — nay, behold, you must order this bundle here. If you are the single soul who doesn’t have Logos 5 yet, you can get the Philippians commentary and ]]’s book hardcopy at Amazon.

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