Look at what my wife got me for my birthday!

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My birthday is the 23rd (my wishlist is on the right, just saying)… so my wife let me get this book… if you click through, you’ll see exactly why this had to be a birthday gift…

While conquering the world, Rome encountered a great number of peoples around the Mediterranean. We know very little about how these populations viewed their conquerors. The Jews were the only people to offer a comprehensive view of Rome over a great span of time. They expressed it in a rich corpus of Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic sources, reflecting the evolution of the relations between Jews and Romans: from alliance and friendship to tensions and revolt, culminating for the Jews in temporary compliance to foreign domination together with hopeful expectations for redemption. The image of Rome which emerges from apocryphal, Talmudic and Midrashic literature durably shaped the Jewish political, moral and eschatological vision of the world and history.

I was able to use some of it already, but this is a book I’m going to want to read as a whole, and not via Google Books….

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34 Replies to “Look at what my wife got me for my birthday!”

  1. Happy Birthday mate! How old are ya gonna be now? Btw, I called ya a modalist on Jim’s blog, I was surprised it went thru? I guess ya have not changed there? One of the great problems I see today, is the “theologia gloriae”.. the churches are adrift in it!

      1. You said the magic word: coward. Now, we’ll get to hear about his royal marine days and his super secret war days (as if Britain as actually done anything worth mentioning in the news for the past, oh, 200 years….)

          1. Everybody knows you guys live on satire, one of the banes of the blog to my mind! But lets get theologically serious for just a moment, if your not a Trinitarian Joel (and we know your not), then how does one explain the nature of the “Persons” of the Godhead, both in “economy” and eternally without the use of Modalism? Btw, we are not speaking of the “Oneness” of God here.

          2. So, you have a bane, but you also use it? Then you are a hypocrit as well?

            I have no need to explain it. I bow to Church Tradition. If I disagree with it, so what? The Spirit enlivens the Church through theology, which has changed and continues to change. Where the wind blows, I don’t know, but I’ll follow it.

          3. First, the Doctrine of the Trinity of God simply IS what the Christian Church Tradition bows to, this is the historical reality! And the many of us Christians past and present also bow to its most profound mystery! I have myself no problem with someone who simply is overwhelmed by this mystery and majesty, and may struggle with this royal doctrine of God. But when someone starts to attack it, or speak in some flippant manner concerning it, that is quite different. I myself would not place everyone who does not understand the great Trinity of God, and has perhaps fallen into error here with some kind of modalist error. But again, to stand againist it, and especially creedally should be exposed and certainly expressed. For we are speaking of the great doctrine of God, triune! I would recommend that every Christian student and theolog, read Karl Rahner’s little book (just a bit over a hundred pages): The Trinity. His use of the theological expressions of “Economic” and “Immanent” for the Trinity are profound! As too, for those who really want to dig deeper and historically,with T.F. Torrance’s book: The Trinitarian Faith, The Evangelical Theology of the Ancient Catholic Church; simply a classic work!

            Just a note Joel, I would not press this “trash” that Rod has put up, again this is simply not Christian, and now my wife has seen it, and she will simply go liable, is this is continued! I could care less myself, but then I don’t speak or live by myself. Lets just say she has legal experience. And beware of a woman’s wrath! 😉

            *A word, saying I am sorry works wonders with my dear wife. She is Irish, and she is very upset!

          4. No. That’s what you bow down too. The Christian Church is about salvation, not about philosophically explaining the relationship, in Greek, of Jewish thought which surrounds Jesus and the Father.

            You have made an idol out of it.

            What trash? Rodney is a well educated person with great insight who has allowed me to call him friend.

            Legal experience? Last time I checked, this is a free country because we destroyed the British. Are you actually suggesting that legal experience has anything to do with any of this?

            Also, why are you hiding behind your wife?

          5. By the way…. the Trinity only became important long after the Apostles… So, I’ll just stick with what they thought was important. I bow to Church Tradition, but doesn’t mean I accept it as right or as vital to salvation. It’s a shame that this is all you have in your walk with God

          6. this is Mrs. Fr. Robert Darby, and i expect a Christian apology from you! and fully, you are acting and allowing evil to be spewed on this blog against my husband, do u really want to see legal action? i can and will try with all that i have!!!

          7. one thing i hope any other readers can see here is that these two so-called men are certainly not Christians! my hushand is a true priest and Man of God, and we have a sweet and equal live together. this is a liberal blog, run by a disgusting man with no class, and again no Christian as we can see in his actions! i dont make sad and nasty remarks about your wife like u do about my husband. stay away from my husbands blog, u know u visit there.
            i shall talk with my lawyer here most certainly, i ran and owned my own law office in England for years.

          8. No, you didn’t. I have emails from you/him stating that you haven’t worked, that you have inherited your money. See, I saved all of those emails…

            Again… he blogs?

            But, honestly…. he went to Jim’s blog first to lie about me and them come here to tell me he did!

            Say…. how many blogs has Tom Finland been asked not to come back too?

          9. yes i have inherited my money, but i also worked and owned my own law company. and yes i do have very bad copd, my husband takes care of me now, and he sees his patients at the hospital as a chaplain. what do u do but talk and spread evil. and who is this other man? but more of a trash talker! may the Lord have mercy on both of u, for u both speak nothing but evil! i am giving this back to Robert now.

          10. wait… Tom, you do get the point that everyone can see that you started all of this, as you usually do, right?


            Like others, I’m asking you politely not to return to the blog. If you continue to do so, I will block you and report you for spam which will start to limit you commenting on other blogs.

  2. i see that that Joel got a pretty new book for his birthday and dont read the comments. And all heck breaks loose. Guess i need to pay more attention.

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