Logical fallacies are used for deception!

Note the logical fallacy used by this guy on this video. His intention is ┬ánothing more than interfering with the free conduction of a business. If you don’t note the logical fallacy here, you’re hopeless! Here is a man who should know better, but deception is better than sapience nowadays!

Check here

Let me help you:  being a man or a woman is not a choice; saying grace before a meal is!

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5 Replies to “Logical fallacies are used for deception!”

  1. Discrimination is a choice. Nor is logic a fixed entity.

    Meanwhile, the restaurant’s 15 percent discount is pure hokum. Odds are that sooner or later someone is going to get a 15 percent discount for praying to SATAN!!!

  2. Perfectly agreed! Hokum or not, it is a business choice, even if it is praying for Satan… I am not interested in the religious underpinnings here because I too think it is nonsense and the 15% will be somewhat recuperated somewhere in the price of the merchandise. What I am appalled is how academics, government workers, activists of non-profit organizations, who would fail miserably in the private sector hate the private sector so much that they procure any small change to shout “bloody Mary” and sue a business for choosing to do something, again, in this case, stupid, to attract customers. The use of a logical fallacy to support his arguments and the scary notion that many fall for it and agree with this man is also something spooky in my book!

    1. On the other side of things, business people often fail in government. Few things are more entertaining than watching businessmen elected to public office try to run a local government as if it were a business. That’s why, for over a century, many local governments have opted for a council-manager system of governance.

      Even on the national level, a business model failure is the story of the Postal Service. Before 1978, the Post Office was run by the federal government from Washington. It was a hotbed of innovation that included sorting-on-the-fly in dedicated railroad mail cars and airmail.

      Then, somebody got the bright idea to run the old Post Office like a business and the Postal Service was born. Postage rates skyrocketed. Postal employees started shooting each other. That became so widespread that it added a new word to the American vocabulary! Today, the whole operation is on the verge of extinction.

      Sometimes, business folks can’t even run business. Deregulation of California’s electric grid followed by the collapse of Enron is a perfect example. The collapse of Lehman Brothers led to the bank bail outs. Then, because they turned out junk, automobile manufacturers came with hand in hand. Chrysler’s been bailed out twice!

      Speaking of twice, the private security firm Blackwater so screwd-up in Iraq that it had it had to change its name two times in the aftermath.

      To think that business minds are somehow brighter than everyone else’s is more than a little misguided. After all, most business fail because of entrepreneurial incompetence.

  3. I have absolutely no idea what should be done. However, the Yezidi plight, and the refusal of Moslem’s to help, seem to be a deep seated hate that is more complicated than presented so far. It seems the Yezidi are into honor killing, killing their own daughters via stoning, if they associate with boys, or convert to Islam. So the whole bunch seem to be rather backwards, in terms of human rights, themselves. So the real question, is how deep we get involved in anything over there. Is it worth any American lives? I think I tend to side with no involvement whatsoever. But I’ve been wrong plenty of times before. I see a no win for us.


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