Logic in the Cult of Little Honey Tee Tee

Here is an example: Your original language point. Since we do not have the original mss. we do not know what language God had His authors use to pen His words. Thus your restriction to the Hebrew language is only a guess at best, based upon assumption. For all we know Moses used Egyptian, given that he was educated by the Pharaoh and that the original people he was writing to understood Egyptian and didn’t die off until after Sinai.

Then since you cannot construct the original context for biblical books but subscribe to the idea that the OT was written in the 4-6th centuries BC by a bunch of ‘elites’ who had hopes of making a free people captive again you really have no argument since the OT and NT change lives outside of that original context throughout the world.

In a discussion about science and creation, etc… a follower and apologist for the latest cult guru, Little Honey Tee Tee, who also said “God didn’t use science to create” said the above.

This was in response to my discussion on his proposed use of Hebrews 11.3 to promote creationism. I suggest that the word was more like ages (aeons). This was his response.

I know I’m supposed to be nice, but this is just stupid.

The logical conclusion to his summation of why to only use the KJV is because the British King was more inspired than the original authors/editors/redactors/compilers. So, since we have no real clue as to what Scripture says, we should all be British or worse, Ussherites.

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2 Replies to “Logic in the Cult of Little Honey Tee Tee”

  1. “we should all be British” – well, that’s a noble aspiration, but we British do have our standards. So this isn’t really open to “all”, and some will have to become Ussherites instead. We just need to make sure no one is both at the same time.

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