Literally, do not read the Bible literally

David Lose gives four points, but one in particular is important:

1) Nowhere does the Bible claim to be inerrant.

That’s right. At no place in its more than 30,000 verses does the Bible claim that it is factually accurate in terms of history, science, geography and all other matters (the technical definition of inerrancy). “Inerrant” itself is not a word found in the Bible or even known to Christian theologians for most of history. (here)

And he goes on… And he is correct here. Inerrancy is a modern myth of Scripture.

Good article. Give it a read.

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8 Replies to “Literally, do not read the Bible literally”

  1. Of course, many will ask how accepting an errant Bible will affect their faith and ability to discern correct doctrine …

  2. Well said, Joel. But when traditions contradict each other, reason then becomes the final and deciding authority.

    Unfortunately, only a few in our evangelical world would accept such a premise.

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