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If you do not get this set, you are going to suffer from a mental, emotional, spiritual, and devotional deficit of the likes you’ve never seen. I have several of the hardcopies and they are absolutely essential if you want to build proper sermons, hermeneutics, and excoriate yourself before the Fathers.

The Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture does what very few of today’s students of the Bible can do for themselves. The vast array of writings from the Church Fathers—including many that are available only in the ancient languages—have been combed for their comment on Scripture. From these results, scholars with a deep knowledge of the fathers and a heart for the Church have hand-selected material for each volume, shaping, annotating, and introducing it to today’s readers. Each portion of commentary has been chosen for its salient insight, its rhetorical power, and its faithful representation of the consensual exegesis of the early Church.

Included in this series is the full text of all 29 commentaries from the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture. Arranged canonically, each volume allows the living voices of the Church in its formative centuries to speak as they engage the sacred page of Scripture. Now even more accessible in digital format, this series will prove an uncommon companion for theological interpretation, spiritual reading, and wholesome teaching and preaching.

The Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture (29 Vols.) is an ecumenical project, promoting a vital link of communication between the varied Christian traditions of today and their common ancient ancestors in the faith. On this shared ground we listen as leading pastoral theologians of eight centuries gather around the text of Scripture and offer their best theological, spiritual, and pastoral insights.

In the Logos edition, each Scripture passage links to your favorite translation, and the series is easy to study side by side with your other commentaries. You can search by topic or Scripture with remarkably fast results!

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