Liberation (Short Film)

From the Youtube page:

In a dystopian near future where the separation of Church and state has been abolished and a tyrannical theocracy now rules, a young Military Police officer faces a crisis of conscience after his brother – a radical anti-government pastor – gets black-bagged for speaking out against the regime.

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One Reply to “Liberation (Short Film)”

  1. Ok. I hate to comment on this. Just plain too violent and graphic.
    However, there are crazy congressmen, who seem to be ok with violence.
    But something like the movie, Dr. Strangelove, can get the point across without graphic violence. Hunter and Santorum are from the same cut. Iranians have wackos too. But overall, violence escalates violence. Hunter use to be my congressman, before I was re-districted out of a right wing, gun-toting, district. People actual vote for these people?

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