Liberal Religion and Compromise

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That liberal religion is just a flimsy accommodation to “secularism” and “modernity” rather than a deep faith that is both intellectually responsible and emotionally alive. That the history of liberal Christianity ran its course by the 1920s and that it failed because of an overly optimistic view of human nature and an inadequate understanding of evil. That there is no Muslim expression of progressive faith. That progressive Jews are all secular, rather than practicing members of religious communities. That social progress can occur without alternative, progressive answers to basic theological questions.

via Liberal Religion is Not Just Compromise | RD10Q | Religion Dispatches.

You’ll have to read the above post to know what the quote is referring to.

Many call me a theological liberal or the such – but for the life of me, I still consider myself a theological conservative. I still consider the Holy Writ as inspired and the foundation of the Faith. It’s just that criticism, lower or higher, serves to enrich what the Text actually says and from there, the course correction that we sometimes need. I believe that Scripture is where we start, but not the Scripture as we read it today, but as it was read and understood by those writing, redacting, and compiling it.

Of course, anyone to the right of me is conservative and anyone to the left of me is liberal. And the same goes for you too. Trust me, any theological conservatives can be considered liberal by other conservatives.

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  1. Well isn’t that strange, I most certainly don’t think of you as a theological liberal, however – as you rightly allude – this might say more about my position that yours.

    Uh-oh 🙂

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