Liberal Christians and Westboro Baptist read Scripture the same way





Seriously folks, don’t let liberals or conservatives read the bible for you. No one likes to wrestle with it. They just kinda go with the flow…

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4 Replies to “Liberal Christians and Westboro Baptist read Scripture the same way”

    1. yeah, i’ve been catching flak on this. I mean those Christians who have decided that Scripture reads just like WBC says it does and then simply leave it behind.

      Difference in saying I don’t believe than in saying, “I believe Phelps is correct in his interpretation so I just want read it anymore”

  1. The third one is such a blatant misread, though!

    I mean, from its own quote: “keep thee from the evil woman.”

    “Evil woman,” not “all women because they’re evil.” Pretty dang sloppy.

  2. I don’t see this among liberal Christians, Joel, but I do see this among some of the more vocal atheists. Liberal Christians are trying to live in a middle ground, while fanatical atheists are just as annoying as the Phelpsies.

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