Let’s see how long this comment lasts…

It says:

Dr. Rollston told the truth in a very well researched and well-written article. He was then chastised for telling the truth because his institution has an agenda that Dr. Rollston went against.  ECS wants to fire Rollston and has been looking for a way to do it. Their main reason is money; they are being squeezed, and so they picked him as the sacrificial lamb.  It is difficult to fire a tenured professor without cause, so the Seminary invented a cause.  Dr. Rollston has many friends and professional colleagues who will stand with him. Should he be fired, ECS will reap the whirlwind.


Screen Shot 2012-10-08 at 1.26.45 PM

I doubt it will last long, but there you go… the secret is out.

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6 Replies to “Let’s see how long this comment lasts…”

  1. Grubbsey’s comment has survived thus far. I am an Emmanuel student and this all has been quite interesting. I respect both Blowers and Rollston and their particular points of view, but Blowers has been fighting the beast known as blogosphere for too long. It does not seem to be getting him anywhere.

  2. As I told you in our first exchange of emails, Mr. Landon, I wanted to limit the discussion to the ideas in the essays, not to gossip about the internal workings of ECS. But now that the gossip has eclipsed the theological discussion, I didn’t see any need to keep the gossip out. As Wes Arblaster said, it was a fairly good discussion before the tabloids took it over.

    1. Nathan, it was not gossip. Paul put it on facebook, announcing it to the world he was intent on seeing Rollston disciplined.

      Further, as you noted, you were asked to remove the comment.

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