Left a publisher out – LifeWay and Thom Rainer

As I mentioned this morning, there are certain publishing companies which are actively pursuing an interaction with their customers. Another publisher who is leading the charge is Thom Rainer, president and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources. (he is on Twitter) Granted, I’ve only been to one LifeWay Store, but I was impressed with the material it had to offer. (I no longer go to a certain Christian retail chain, finding their lack of anything of substance, except the bible, decidedly boring) It was in Marion, Illinois, or the city close to it. Yes, I, as a community organizer visited Christian book stores – they were my refuge.

Granted, LifeWay publishes the ]] (It is highly recommended) which is one the only major English translations which I do not currently own  a hard copy of Yes, I even own the TNIV, I just care too much about my soul to use it. I do have several electronic copies, however, and (slowly) have used it on a number of occasions.

I personally appreciate Christian publishing companies which engage and aren’t owned by, um… NewsCorp. Just saying…

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  1. In the UK and Europe the NIV and TNIV are published by Hodder Faith, which is owned by French conglomerate Lagardère, another big publishing and broadcasting group … sort of like News Corp.

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