Le Donne on @RezaAslan

By now, you know the story of Alsan and Fox News. Here, in part, is Le Donne’s words:

…I have now read the book and I can say (without question) that Zealot is not written by an author conversant with the field of NT studies or Second Temple Judaism more generally. More on this point in the coming days.

As to the credentials issue, where Aslan might be in the biggest danger of falsehood is in his claim to be a teacher of religious studies, or that he does this “for a living”…

via The Jesus Blog: Did Reza Aslan Lie about His Credentials? – Le Donne.

I would still not use the word falsehood or lie (Le Donne doesn’t use the latter, I believe) but would still say he had a bit of an unfortunate misrepresentation. Maybe he sees/remembers himself as he presents himself…

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