Lawyer Dola Indidis sues Israel, Italy, King Herod and Emperor Tiberius over Jesus Christ’s trial and crucifixion


A LAWYER lawyer has filed a lawsuit with the International Court of Justice to overturn the trial and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Kenyan lawyer Dola Indidis argues that the trial was unlawful and is demanding that Israel and Italy be held responsible, The Christian Post reports.

Mr Indidis, a Roman Catholic, and former spokesperson for the Kenyan Judiciary, filed the lawsuit regarding Jesus’ death with the International Court of Justice, the primary judicial branch of the United Nations based at The Hague in the Netherlands.

He filed the lawsuit against Pontius Pilate, several Jewish elders, King Herod, Tiberius (Emperor of Rome 42 BC-37AD), the Republic of Italy and the State of Israel.

“I filed the case because it’s my duty to uphold the dignity of Jesus and I have gone to the ICJ to seek justice for the man from Nazareth,” Indidis told the Nairobian in a recent interview.

“His selective and malicious prosecution violated his human rights through judicial misconduct, abuse of office bias and prejudice.”

The International Court of Justice has reportedly created a preliminary panel to consider Indidis’ case, but there is a small problem.

“The ICJ has no jurisdiction for such a case,”  an ICJ spokesperson told website Legal Cheek.

“The ICJ settles disputes between states. It is not even theoretically possible for us to consider this case.”

Mr Indidis has tried to file this case before.

In 2007, he submitted his case to the Kenyan High Court in Nairobi, but it was rejected for not having enough legal standing, especially since parties Indidis wishes to prosecute have been dead for 2,000 years.


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Well, it certainly would be interesting were he able to do this – it would set a legal precidence for the life and death of Jesus, that is, if anyone doesnt believe he was a real person.

However, I call crackpot. Good on him though.

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3 Replies to “Lawyer Dola Indidis sues Israel, Italy, King Herod and Emperor Tiberius over Jesus Christ’s trial and crucifixion”

  1. This lawyer should sue the Pope. After all, it is he, not the modern state of Italy, who claims to be the modern equivalent of the Roman Emperor and today’s @Pontifex Maximus. If anyone today bears responsibility for any criminal acts committed in the Roman Empire, it is he. But then the lawyer probably won’t do this, as he is Roman Catholic.

  2. I have the soul of Pontius Pilate. Indidis congratulations for his courage to mankind learns the truth from before 2000 years. I am happy I will defend to the Hague court and defend the honor of Pilate. The truth that I know and I will prove painful for all of humanity. Remember to communicate with Jesus, Christ, an God.

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