larger canvas…my wrist hurts…but another painting.

This is the largest canvas to date. 30 x 40. It may also explain why my right wrist is producing mind-numbing agony.

Tried the washes….the sun has a red/yellow/orange wash coming off of it while the rocks have a white wash acting as foam. There are red birds to the right.

2014-08-05 08.43.58

I’m learning a lot about patience from painting and a few other things. It is relaxing and more relaxing than drinking…. although I bet if I combined to the two… anyways…


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4 Replies to “larger canvas…my wrist hurts…but another painting.”

  1. “why my right wrist is producing mind-numbing agony”…
    More likely carpal tunnel from keyboard/mouse action. Need a wrist brace, for blogging or painting. Better than being cut-on.

  2. Art needs to tell a story. Like music, it needs an underlying melody. In this painting, the sky says something. The rest is merely a learning exercise.

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