Numbers 16:32
This is not funny, but leads me to imagine how could the events narrated in the scripture above have occurred. Watch until the end

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  1. Since things are slow, thought I’d point out the scripture source, two stories per Richard Friedman. “The first story, from JE, is about the rebellion of Dathan and Abiram (and On), from the tribe of Reuben. They challenge Moses’ leadership… In the second story, from P, the challengers are a group of Levites, backed by people of stature in the community. Their leader is Korah… Moses’ and Aaron’s cousin. His challenge is not against Moses’ leadership. It is against Aaron’s exclusive hold on the priesthood: why cannot anyone else practice priestly functions, since all the people are holy?”
    So apparently politics messed up congregations during Pentateuch days. Although this story should be rather ironic to Protestant Christians, since the “priesthood” functions are now either viewed as held by all Christians, or not necessary as an intermediary between an individual and God. So Korah, maybe, could be viewed as a proto-Protestant, if you are a P story supporter. I prefer the JE story, where Dathan and Abiram got their just due for bad-mouthing poor old Moses.

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