“Kony used voodoo to drive Jason Russell mad”

Commenters on TMZ have claimed that Joseph Kony’s aunt was a Voodoo priestess, and that Kony has put a curse on Jason Russell.



Source: https://twitter.com/#!/JohnSafran/status/181403928422916096/photo/1

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3 Replies to ““Kony used voodoo to drive Jason Russell mad””

  1. There are 3 types of Christians.

    1) Those who are sceptical of and dismiss any kind of ‘supernatural’ power.
    2.) Those who look for and see demons under every rock.
    3) Those who know the power of Christ to defeat the powers of darkness if and when they crop up.

    I know a guy who works in the outback of Australia as a missionary. He shared this story with me. A local witch doctor walked into the village, pointed his stick at a 6 month old baby and declared, dead man’s fingernail in babies belly. The baby immediately screamed in agony.

    They called the missionary (who was translating the Bible into their language) to help, and he cast the demon away from the baby, the baby stopped his screaming, and many of the tribal leaders became Christians as the result. And the witch doctor lost his power of intimidation over the tribe.

    Within the context of Kony, I don’t dismiss this claim. I don’t know if its real or not. But, the guy who made the video, certainly needs our prayers and why pray that any curses spoken against him, will be lifted off.

  2. The whole Kony 2012 thing was a scam anyway. Either Jason Russell was used as a tool and then dumped, or he went bonkers on meth after he got rich from scamming so many people.

  3. craig, i think yr 3rd type of xian smacks of ignorance about another people whose response to it cld quite easily be similar to Ugandans outrage at the KONY2012 campaign.

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